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Peter Adams
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Ebenezer Adams
George Adams
Peter Adams
  • Born: 20 Jul 1653, Medfield, Norfolk, MA
  • Married 25 May 1680, Medfield, Norfolk, MA, to Experience Cook
  • Died: 8 Dec 1723, Medway, Norfolk, MA

    Referred to in "EARLY MEDWAY SETTLERS & LAND RECORDS 1996 By Francis D. Donovan", as Deacon Peter Adams
    From http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~walkersj/adams.htm

    Physician in Medway.141 At the division of his father's estate he took lands on the west side of Charles River, where he settled. He was prominent in the organization of the town of Medway. He and his wife were in full communion here at an early date, and he was one of the first deacons of the Medway church. The first preaching service in that town was held at his house, and it is said he called the people together by the old drum that he had brought back from the Indian wars. In 1699, he received money for his wife's keeping school.
    1693; Tax list from w side of Charles river at Medway (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd) February 21, 1700; Medway, MA "payd unto peter adams for his wive's Keeping school on that side of the River, it being the full of his Du, 2-9-11." Mrs. Adams was at this time the mother of seven children. (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)
    October 7, 1714; First Church of Christ in Medway, MA was organized by the establishment of public worship on the w side of the river Charles and the first service held at the home of Peter Adams. (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)
    October 29, 1714; At a meeting at the house of Peter Adams in Medway, MA it was voted that the burying ground should be upon Bare Hill within 40 rods of the meeting house. Committee of Captain George Fairbanks and Zackri Partridge and John Richardson was chosen to lay it out. (History of Norfolk Co., Massachusetts - D. Hamilton Hurd)

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