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Henry Adams
  • Born: Bef 21 Jan 1583, Barton, St David, Somersetshire, England
  • Married 19 Oct 1609, Charlton, Mackrel, Somerset, England, to Edith Squire
  • Married 1641, Braintree, Norfolk, MA, to Mary Alexander
  • Died: 6 Oct 1646, Braintree, Norfolk, MA

    Christening: 21 Jan 1583
    Barton, St.david, Somersetshire, England
    Burial: 8 Oct 1646
    Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts
    From: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~walkersj/Adams.htm

    "Took his flight from the Dragon persecution, in Devonshire in England, and alighted with 8 sons (some accounts have it as nine sons and a daughter) near Mt. Wolliston," formally Braintree, now Quincy, MA. He died 1646; and when the ancient parchment from which the above has been taken, was discovered in England, his death was found entered with a date synchronizing with that on our records.
    One of his sons returned to England: and after taking time to explore the country, four removed to Medfield, one of the neighboring towns; two to Chelmsford, one only, Joseph, remained in Quincy.
    Sons, Henry, Peter, Edward, and Jonathan settled in Medfield, MA.
    "Nicholas Wood, of Dorchester, in 1640, who in company with Andrew Pitcher, took the freeman's oath, June 2, 1641, and for a series of years occupied as tenant, the extensive farm of Honorable John Glover in what is now Milton.
    Here a gross insult was offered to his wife by an Indian, from about Providence, which the Government noticed, by sending to Meantanomo, September 8, 1642, a demand that the offender should be sent to them to be punished, "not with death, but some other punishment".
    The Sachems, Sacanonoco,of Pawtuxet, and Pumbom, of Shawomock (now Warwick, R. I.), having on the 22nd (4 mo) 1643, formally placed themselves and country under jurisdiction of Mass., Nicholas Wood, with Henry Adams Sr., of Braintree, Henry Adams Jr., and Thomas, Samuel, John and Christopher Adams, and above twenty others, were induced to petition the General Court, who October 1, 1645, granted them 10,000 acres West of Narrangassett Bay, to be "set out for their town", and resolved that the number of 7 actual settlers should have power to admit or keep out whom they should think good; that the General Court should write letters to Benedict Arnold to compound with Pumbom at the easiest rate he could, for his right in any improved ground; and that the petitioners should dispose of the houses built upon said ground (by the persecuted Gortonites), and pay to such as built them what the Court shall hereafter appoint, adding for their encouragement, "if they shall see cause to so do".
    This grant was later revoked by the Government in favor of Gorton's prior rights, for none of the petitioners ever took possession. (Early Planters of Sherborn, Holliston and Medway)

    October 30, 1643, witness to will of Moses Paine, in Braintree, Massachusetts12

    Will of Henry Adams of Braintree.
    First my will is, that my son Peter and John, and my daughter Ursula, shall have the ground in the Neck, both upland and meadow, during the term I was to enjoy it, until it return into the townes hands again from whom I had it. Also the acre in the Mill fields. My will is, that my books shall be divided amonst all my children; that my wife shall have and enjoy all my other goods so long as she lives unmarried. And if she marry, then my will is that Joseph, Edward, and my daughter Ursula, should enjoy all my ground in the field that lay in the way to Weymouth ferry, and my house lot, with all the houses and fruit trees, and all my moveables, at the death or marriage of my wife; provided, they shall pay to my son Samuel that which is due to him for the ground I bought of him, to be paid in convenient timel But in case God should so deal with my wife that she be constrained to make use of something by way of sale she may. Finally for moveables, my will is, that my son Peter and John shall have an equal share with my son Joseph and Edward, and my daughter Ursula. June 8, 1647
    Witnessed by Benjamin Allbe, Richard Brackett
    The Inventory amount: 75#.13 Deposed in court June 8, 1647
    Suffolk Co. Wills

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