Ann Hinds

f a m i l y
Children with:
William, Sr. Hoskins

William Nathaniel Hoskins
Ann Hinds
  • Born: 1617
  • Married 31 Dec 1638, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, to William, Sr. Hoskins
  • Died: Abt 1665


    Note: from "Plymouth Colony: Its History and People 1620-1691 - Part Three: Biographical Sketches"

    Chipman, John
    On 2 March 1641/42 Ann Hinde, wife of William Hoskins, age about twenty-five years, made a deposition to Edward Winslow in a case between John Derby and John Chipman. Ann was living in the house of Mr. Derby's father with John Chipman at the time Chipman left for New England to serve Mr. Richard Derby, brother of John Derby. Ann left later also to serve Richard Derby, and old Mr. Derby requested her to commend him to his cousin Chipman and tell him "if hee were a good boy hee would send him over the money that was due him when hee saw good." Ann also deposed that John Derby affirmed that this money had already been paid to Chipman's mother, but Ann knew that the mother had been dead a quarter of a year before the time that old Mr. Derby sent his message to Chipman (PCR 4:98). It is not known if anything further became of this matter.
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