Henry HoskinsAnn Winthrop

William, Sr. HoskinsAnn Hinds

William Nathaniel Hoskins

f a m i l y
Children with:
Sarah Caswell

Jacob Hoskins
William Nathaniel Hoskins
  • Born: 30 Nov 1647, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
  • Married 3 Jul 1677, Taunton, Bristol, CT, to Sarah Caswell
  • Died: 17 May 1730, Taunton, Bristol, CT

    From: http://www.mayflowerfamilies.com/important_names_events/william_hoskins_notes.htm

    Plymouth Colony Records, Taunton: William Hoskins, to Sarah Casewell, July 3, 1677.

    NEHGR 9:316Taunton: "William Hoskins, maried to Sarah Caswell, 3 July 1677. Anna, dr.of William borne 14 Feb. 1678." Other children include Sarah, 1679, William, 1681, Heniry (sic) March 1683, Heniry again, 1686, Josiah 4 April 1689, John, 28 Sept 1690. Jacob 1 Nov. 1692, Stephen 2 Sept 1697. NEHGR 17:35, Marriages, Births & Deaths at Taunton.
    From: "John Shaw of Plymouth Plantation in Progress"
    Updated: 2006-11-23 11:00:09 UTC (Thu) Contact: Kenneth Linwood Shaw, III (John Shaw's 10th Great Grandson) - Ancestry.com

    'Lieutenant Hoskins is one of two residents of Taunton "who were entitled to singular respect from being engaged in the battle of Narragansett Swamp in 1675." William served as William "Hodgkin" and "Hodskins" in Major Appleton's Co. in the Narragansett Campaign, and appears as William Hopkins, of Taunton, alive and clearly a misreading of Hoskins in the list of claimants to Narragansett Twnsp #4, Greenwich, MA The last Will and Testament of William Hoskins of Taunton, dated 6th March 1730, named his son William (right in lands given for Expedition to the Narragansett Fights on Henry (all rights in New Roxbury or Woodstock); son Josiah (I paid 50 pounds to his father Beverly ror the land he now lives on); son Jacob; heirs of son Stephen (Stephen, Marcy, and Abiah); daughter Ann, widow of Nathaniel Smith; daughter Darah, wife of Nathaniel Smith; daughter Hannah, wife of William Macomber; son John; and beloved wife Sarah (one-third)
    Probate Rec. Bristol Co., 7-38

    Variation in William's spelling of his surname: Hoskins; Haskins; Harskins; Hodgkin; Hodskins'

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