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Isabelle Elizabeth Gobinet

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Children with:
Paul Benoit dit Livernois

Barbe Benoit
Marie Anne Benoit
Francois Benoit
Isabelle Elizabeth Gobinet
  • Born: 10 Oct 1639, Gonesse, Seine-Et-Oise, France
  • Married 16 Sep 1658, Montreal, Quebec, to Paul Benoit dit Livernois
  • Died: Bef 3 Apr 1715, Longueuil, Quebec

    Burial: 3 Apr 1715
    Longueuil, Chambly, Quebec
    Translated from the Text of Jocelyne Frédérick-Baker. Chronicle carried out in collaboration with the Company of genealogy of Outaouais, Inc. Appeared on March 8, 1993.

    Élizabeth (Isabelle) Gobinet - daughter of Nicolas Gobinet and Marguerite Loigeleux (Lorgeleux), born about 1639. One does not know the precise date of her arrival in New France [Canada] but it is supposed that it is in 1657 at the same time as 13 other young women recruited to come to take husband and populate the colony.

    September 16, 1658, she marries, in Montreal, Paul Benoît says Livernois, master carpenter, son of François Benoît and Dimanche Chapelain, of Châtillon-in-Bazois, évêché of Nevers. It is in the marriage contract which she passes by Benign Basset that we learn that she comes from Gonesse in Vexin, archbishop's palace of Paris, Island-of-France.

    With the census of 1681, Elizabeth Gobinet declares to be 42 year old. Her husband Paul Benoît is 60 years old. They live in the Seigniory of Longueuil with their eight children. They claim to have 5 animals with horns, 12 arpents in value and have, living as a neighbor, their elder daughter Isabelle who married François Blot. In this same census from the La Prairie de Magdelaine, one finds two other girls of the Benoît couple, that is to say the twins Barbe and Marie both 16 years old. The first married Thomas Hébert says Larose and the second Jean Bourbon.

    Paul Benoît dies at 66 years and is buried in Boucherville, in late January 1686. Elizabeth survives him by thirty years and does not contract another marriage, dealing with her business. Undoubtedly successfully because on June 23, 1706, at 67 years of age, she concludes a contract with Antoine Adhémar engaging his son Yves with his service. Moreover, June 25, 1714, she subscribes in front of Marine Tailhandier a lease of smallholding to Marin Suprenant and Marguerite Cartier, his wife.

    The same day, she concludes an agreement with her children in front of this last notary, in the house of Mister de Longueuil where it remains. This agreement, reproduced in Le Grande Recrue de 1653 , comprises particular provisions. Indeed, his/her children and grandchildren present agree to give her a pension for life of 300 pounds per year, catch with very its incomes, which will enable her to go to live with her children who promise to take her each one in their turn. She will be free to go to remain at which good will seem to her, there or it will be best.

    Élizabeth Gobinet dies on 3 April 1715 leaving many descendents which reaches 240 people by December 31, 1729, 14 years later.

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