Francois Benoit or BenoistDimanche or Maire Chappelain or Chattelain

Paul Benoit dit Livernois

f a m i l y
Children with:
Isabelle Elizabeth Gobinet

Barbe Benoit
Marie Anne Benoit
Francois Benoit
Paul Benoit dit Livernois
  • Born: 6 Jun 1626, Nevers, Nivernais, France
  • Married 16 Sep 1658, Montreal, Quebec, to Isabelle Elizabeth Gobinet
  • Died: 1 Jan 1686, Longueuil, Chambly, QUebec

    Christening: 10 Apr 1626
    Ville De Gonest, Fontaine, Xaintes, France
    3 Jan 1686
    Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec
    Dit name also Nivernois. Surname also seen BENOIST. Resident of Chatillon en Bazois, Chateau Chinon, Nevers, Nivernais (Nievre), France. Arrived in Montreal 16 Nov 1653. Had departed LaFleche 0n 25 May 1653. Occupation: carpenter. Obtained land 12 May 1659.

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