Bartholomew Partridge

Gabriel PartridgeMargerie [Partridge] ??

Barthelmew Partridge

f a m i l y
Children with:
Pernell Green

John Partridge
Barthelmew Partridge
  • Born: 1545, Navestock, Essex, England
  • Married 21 Jan 1567, St. Thomas, Navestock, Essex, England. , to Pernell Green
  • Died: Bef 7 Aug 1598, Navestock, Essex, England

    christened on 30 Mar 1545 in Navestock, Essex, Eng.. He died in 1598 and was buried on 7 Aug 1598 in Navestock, Essex, Eng.. Bartholomew signed a will on 27 Oct 1597

    Abstract of the will of Bartholomew Partridge of Navestock, Essex, Yeoman.

    "my body to be buried in the little chancell in Navestock where mygreat-grandfather lyeth

    "to the poore people of the parish of Navesstock 30 shillings

    "to my eldest son John Partridge my house wherein I now dwell called Mardeynes with lands and four adjoining tenements (another called ClementMeade; another called Coppie Landes, being coppiehold lying in Navestock;another tenement copyhold in Hutton)

    "to my second son Bartholomew Partridge (who is under 21): lands boughtof Richard Greene and Robert Greene sons to Nicholas Greene

    "to my youngest son Gabrell (Gabryell, Gabraell) (under 21): lands inNavestock and High Ongar

    "to my daughter Katherine: L100 at the day of her marriage or 1 yearafter my decease

    "to daughter Marie (Marye): L100 at age 21 or on the day of her marriage

    "to my brother William Partridge's children: Johanne (my god-daughter),Margerie, Gabreyell

    "my lovong brothers in law Richard, Thomaas, Reynold and Robert Greene

    Witnesses Thomas Camp, John Benton, Thomas Perry

    Written 27 Oct 1597
    Proved 20 Oct 1598 in the Court of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul'sCathedral

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