Joseph GeoffrionMarie BrodeurJoachim MessiersCatherine Bussieres

Joseph GeoffrionMarie Julie Messier

Adeline Geoffrion (Gosselin)

f a m i l y
Children with:
Cleophase (Clifford) Charbonneau (Colby)

Alfred Charbonneau
Adeline Geoffrion (Gosselin)
  • Born: 23 Apr 1832, Quebec
  • Married 7 Sep 1850, Beloeil, St. Mathieu, Vercheres, Quebec, to Cleophase (Clifford) Charbonneau (Colby)
  • Died: 1 Sep 1869, Holyoke, MA

    Birth date from
    The Arthur Minot Geoffrion Family Home Page

    Death date from research of Nancy Curry (does not agree with above ref : 12 Sep 1869)
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