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Cleophase (Clifford) Charbonneau (Colby)

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Children with:
Adeline Geoffrion (Gosselin)

Alfred Charbonneau
Cleophase (Clifford) Charbonneau (Colby)
  • Born: 4 Mar 1828, Mont St. Hilaire, Rouville, Quebec
  • Married 7 Sep 1850, Beloeil, St. Mathieu, Vercheres, Quebec, to Adeline Geoffrion (Gosselin)

    Marriage date from:
    Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967
    about Cleophas Charbonneau
    Name: Cleophas Charbonneau
    Spouse: Adeline Geoffrion
    Event Year: 1848-1851
    Event: Mariage
    Religion: Catholique
    Place of Worship or Institution: Beloeil (St-Mathieu)
    Province: Québec (Quebec)
    Birthdate from Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967
    St-Hilaire > 1828
    From the research of Nancy Curry:


    From the Index to Deaths in Holyoke,MA
    Adaline Colby (nee Adaline Geoffrion/Gosselin) was Clifford (Cleophas) Charbonneau/Colby's 1st wife d. 1869

    In 1870 The same Cleophas (Clifford) m. Marie (aka Mary) Claire Plante (Dufresne, b. 1839, and Du Frene are noted as maiden name) She was the widow of Louis Plante. Her parents were Pollet and Marie Dufresne. Taken from film # 6019009 Family History Center (Mormon records). Clifford's parents were Jean and Charlotte (other sources give Jean Baptiste Charbonneau as Cliffords parents). (I don't know if you remember, but Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was the name of Sacajewea's son. I think that's the wrong spelling, but you know who I mean - interesting).

    Adaline and Clifford had a child, Azilla Colby (I have the death cert), who died July 22, 1865, in Holyoke. She was 5 months old.

    I also have Adaline's death cert. which gives her death as Sept. 1, 1869. She was 37 years, and died of lung fever. Her name was listed as Adaline Jefferson, which I think is a variation of Gioffrion Colby.

    (There was also a Father Dufresne, who was the priest at the Parish of the Precious Blood, Holyoke, MA before it burned down, taking many lives)

    I have The marriage cert. for Clifford Colby (previously Charbonneau, of course) and Clair Dufrine (spelling botched up pretty much) He was 42 years, and she, 31 yrs. It was, as I said a second marriage for both. On that cert. it lists his occupation as carpenter, birthplace, Canada, father's name, John, and mother, Charlotte Patnaude. The bride's parents listed this time as Pollih, and Mary Dufrine. (The change in spellings can drive me crazy, I think).

    In 1870 we find Clifford Colby and family - second wife Marie Claire, (also called just Claire). I have a copy of that census from Holyoke. Children are Joseph, aged 15; Frederick, 12; George 10, and Rosa 2 yrs.

    In 1872 I find in the Holyoke Birth Register Chloe Colby, dau. Of Clifford and Mary.

    In 1873 the birth of Mary Colby, b. Jan. 10, 1873, also with parents Clifford and Mary.

    In the 1880 Census for Holyoke I found Clifford and Mary D. Colby at ages 52 and 42, with Saledea P. Colby, aged 17.

    The same census has Delia Colby, aged 16 (Both girls listed as born in Canada (?))

    The next child was Rosa Colby, 12 yrs. B. MA

    Other children of Clifford (Cleophas) and Adeline were:
    Alfred, age 21, m. in May 15, 1879 to Delinda Samson, aged 20 Her parents were Hilaire and Emelie Collin(s)

    And Allidias (Euqiue), (Colby), age 26, m. 17 Aug. 1886 to Elmina Samson, aged 22, with same parents as above. Her occupation was listed as operative..

    Holyoke marriage records

    Charbonneau, Alfred
    age 21 Mar. 15, May 1879
    occ laborer
    b. Canada
    Parents: Cleophas and Adeline St. Jean\
    He married Delinda Samson
    age 20
    b. Canada
    Parents Hilaire and Emelie Collin

    His brother, Allidias (Euqius) Charbonneau
    (also listed as Colby) (Note the name change) Age 26 Mar. 17 Aug, 1886
    His parents were the same as Alfred's
    He married Elmina Samson
    Age 22
    occ: Operative
    b. Canada
    Parents Hilaire and Emelia Collins.

    Brothers marrying sisters.

    Also I have the marriage cert. of Clifford Colbby's marriage to "Clair Dufrine" (Marie Clare Dufresne, was her name)
    That was Cliffords' second marriage, as well as MC Dufresne's They married in Holyoke in May 30, 1870.

    She was referred to as Mary, on some documents. Her name, on another document was Marie Claire Plante (Dufresne) also Du Frene She was the widow of Louis Plante

    She married Cleophas (also, in parenthesis, called Clifford Colby), according to the list of marriages which I viewed years ago.
    1851 Census of Canada East, Canada West, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia , Canada East (Quebec) , St Hyacinthe County, St Hyacinthe lists a Cleophas Charbonneau, age 24, Adelin Jeofrian, age 20, and Adelin Charbonneau, age 1.
    Name: Clifford Colby
    Home in 1880: Holyoke, Hampden, Massachusetts
    Age: 52
    Estimated birth year: abt 1828
    Birthplace: Canada
    Relation to head-of-household: Self (Head)
    Spouse's name: Mary D.
    Father's birthplace: Canada
    Mother's birthplace: Canada
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Occupation: Laborer
    Marital Status: Married
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Household Members: Name Age
    Clifford Colby 52
    Mary D. Colby 42
    Saledea P. Colby 17
    Delia Colby 16
    Rosa Colby 12

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