Charlotte Mildred Hanna

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Children with:
Wilbert McMillan

Mildred Mae McMillan
Charlotte Mildred Hanna
  • Born: 12 Aug 1886, Franklin Center, Quebec
  • Married 18 Oct 1907, Franklin Center, Quebec, to Wilbert McMillan
  • Died: 4 Jan 1961, Barrie Memorial Hospital, Ormstown, Quebec

    Notes for Charlotte Mildred Hanna:
    Taken from the 1924 Gleaner:
    Mrs. M. McMillan has returned home from Randolph, Vermont, after spending some time with Mr. and Mrs. W. Wood (her daughter Mae)
    * * * * * *
    The Late Mrs. Mildred McMillan
    Mrs. Wilbert McMillan, (Mildred Hanna) after a long illness, died on Thursday January 5th, 1961, at the Barrie Memorial Hospital, Ormstown, Que. in her 75th year. Born at Frankiln Centre, Que., August 24th 1886, only daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Hanna.
    Educated at Franklin Centre, Que. and Chateaugay, N.Y., she was united in marriage to Wilbert McMillan in 1907, who passed away 20th April, 1935.
    * * * * * *
    As a young married woman, Mildred Hanna McMillan ran an ice cream stand in front of the house. She would buy the ice cream from the Franklin Cream Factory and sell it to passerbys. She loved to visit with all the customers and would spend whole days occupied at her stand.
    She would get the ice cream at the factory and tell them to take the amount off her son's milk cheque. When Ray took milk down to the factory they always deducted her purchase and some times he ended up having to pay instead of getting paid. It caused a real problem!
    Mildred Hanna McMillan loved jewelry and makeup. She would spend hours and hours in her later years applying makeup and looking at her jewelry.
    Her favourite expression was "Land Agoshun"
    * * * * * *
    Mildred Hanna loved to take in boarders. One boarder put a lamp too close to the mirror on the dresser and it cracked.
    One boarder was Adella Boucher. She stayed there for 2 - 3 years. Adella was a school teacher and taught in the little school house opposite Mr. Dumas' house on the Grimshaw Road. Her mother and father lived in Egbert Bruce's house. Her father worked at the factory. Her mother once made a float for the Cairnside Picnic - on a truck provided by Clarence Dunn.

    More About Charlotte Mildred Hanna:
    Burial: January 1961, Ames Cemetery, Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada432
    Cause of Death: Breast Cancer432
    Medical Information: Had a breast removed and received chemotherpy in Montreal General Hospital - it then went to the lungs.432
    Retirement: Franklin Centre & Chateaugay N.Y. with daughter Mae432

    Marriage Notes for Wilbert McMillan and Charlotte Hanna:
    Mildred Hanna & Wilbert McMillan were married at 8 o'clock, October 16, 1907 by Rev. R.C. McConnell, assisted by Rev. G.S. Gervan. Bridesmaid: Mabel Hanna and Groomsman: Archie Blair - 125 took supper.

    More About Wilbert McMillan and Charlotte Hanna:
    Marriage: October 16, 1907, Methodist Church, Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada433,434

    Children of Wilbert McMillan and Charlotte Hanna are:
    + 56 i. Olive Charlotte4 McMillan, born July 7, 1909 in Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada; died April 6, 1959 in Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada.
    + 57 ii. Margaret Luella McMillan, born Private.
    + 58 iii. William Alexander Raymond McMillan, born September 28, 1914 in Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada; died September 25, 1993 in Barrie Memorial Hospital, Ormstown, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada.
    + 59 iv. Mildred Mae McMillan, born Private.
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