Wilbert McMillan

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Children with:
Charlotte Mildred Hanna

Mildred Mae McMillan
Wilbert McMillan
  • Born: 4 Jun 1882, Franklin Center, Huntington, Quebec
  • Married 18 Oct 1907, Franklin Center, Quebec, to Charlotte Mildred Hanna
  • Died: 20 Apr 1935, General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec

    The Chateaugay Record, Friday, October 11, 1907

    Cards are out announcing that on Wednesday, Oct. 18th, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Hanna, at Franklin Center, Que., will occur the marriage of Miss Charlotte Mildred Hanna to Mr. Wilbert McMillan. Miss Hanna was a former student of Chateaugay High School.
    1901 Census of Canada about Wilbert McMillan
    Name: Wilbert McMillan
    Gender: Male
    Marital Status: Single
    Age: 18
    Birth Date: 4 Jun 1882
    Birthplace: Quebec
    Relation to Head of House: Son
    Father's name: Alex
    Mother's name: Jenette
    Racial or Tribal Origin: Irish
    Nationality: Canadian
    Religion: Cong
    Province: Quebec
    District: Huntingdon
    Sub-District: Franklin
    Household Members: Name Age
    Alex McMillan 49
    Jenette McMillan 43
    Wilbert McMillan 18
    Prevost Peter 43
    From: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/m/c/c/John-R-McCormick/GENE14-0007.html

    Source: Recollection by Ray McMillan - 1993.
    One day Wilbert McMillan went down to the barn that was between Moneypenny's and Archie Johnson's and was throwing down hay. He fell off the load of hay and hit his head on the corn planter. This fall affected his eyes and he always had trouble seeing after the accident.
    When Wilbert was a young lad he had contacted scarlet fever and this made him almost deaf. Apparently he could hear much better in a car when it was running, than when there was silence. When the car stopped, he was almost stone deaf.
    He was never a very healthy man. Wilbert would take the team and machinery down below the bush and show his son, Ray McMillan, what to do. As Ray started working, Wilbert would lay in the shade on the stone wall and watch him work.
    When it was time for Wilbert to cut the grain, he would hitch 3 horses up to the grain binder and teach and watch his son Ray cut the grain.
    When Alexander McMillan died, he left all his property, his own plus Wilbert McMillan's farm,(which he owned) to his grandson Ray McMillan, instead of to his son Wilbert. After Wilbert McMillan's death, Ray McMillan wanted to buy the farm from his mother, Mildred Hanna. She set a price on the farm and Ray McMillan started making payments. At one point the payments were too high and he almost decided not to continue. His mother lowered the payments so he could continue. Unknown to either Mildred Hanna or to Ray McMillan, the two farms already belonged to him. (left to him in his Grandfather's Will).
    This fact was only discovered many years after the farm had been bought and paid for. The notary had never checked the title on the two farms nor did a search, otherwise he would have discovered that Ray did not have to pay for a farm he already owned.
    Wilbert started to smoke when he was about 45 - 50 years old.
    Ray McMillan sold the frontage of his land, which belonged to the Alexander McMillan farm to Philip Prevost, Ralph Johnson, Orick Johnson and Archie Johnson. They proceeded to build houses on the lots. This was frontage on Route 209, from the blacksmith shop to the junction of Rt. 202.
    The original Alexander McMillan farm consisted of a carriage house, bush, etc. and was approximately 100 acres. The house, carriage house, etc. were on one side and the blacksmith shop on the other side of Route 209. (the old Elios Moise property where Mr. Moise had a General Store). The piece of land that had the blacksmith shop was an additional piece that Alexander bought. It did not belong to the "original farm".
    * * * * * *

    This is the last Will and Testament of me, WILBERT MC MILLAN, residing on my farm at Franklin Centre, Quebec.
    I revoke all former wills and codicils.
    I desire that all my just debts, funeral and other expenses be paid as soon as possible after my death I leave to my wife, Mildred Mc Millan, for as long as she may live, the residue of the estate.
    The estate as it then stands at the death of the said Mildred McMillan; I wish to go to my son Raymond Mc Millan on payment of two hundred dollars to each of my three daughters Olive, Luella and May. I appoint as my executors John Oliver & Raymond McMillan.

    (Signed) Wilbert McMillan


    (Signed) John L. Goldie
    " Annie M. Walsh

    Ormstown April 1st, l935
    * * * * * *

    On the ninth day of the month of May, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five.
    Before me undersigned Joint Prothonotary of the Superior Court, in and for the district of Beauharnois.
    Came and appeared: Dame Mildred Hannah, of the Township of Franklin, acting and represented by Me. Donald McKenzie Rowat, Notary Public, of the city and District of Montreal,
    Who has presented to me her petition and produced the last will and testament of the late Wilbert Mc Millan in his lifetime of the township of Franklin, farmer, who died at the City of Montreal, on the twentieth day of April last, 1935, the said last will and testament made in the form derived from the laws of England on the first day of April nineteen hundred and thirty-five, and marked with the letter "A", and also the deposition of Annie M. Walsh, of the village of Ormstown, received and sworn before the said notary, at Ormstown, the fourth day of May 1935, and praying by said petition that probate of said will be granted.
    Proof of the said last will and testament being made by the deposition of the said Miss Annie M.Walsh, by which the affiant declares that the above named Wilbert Mc Millan died at the City of Montreal, on the twentieth day of April, 1935; that the annexed Will and Testament marked with the letter "A" was acknowledged as and for his last Will by the said Wilbert McMillan in her presence and in the presence of John L. Goldie; that the said Will was executed by the said Wilbert McMillan in her presence and in the presence of the said John L. Goldie, both subscribing witnesses thereto; that the said Will was signed by the Testator and the said two witnesses at the same time and in the presence and sight of each other, on the day of the date thereof, namely, the first day of April, Nineteen hundred and thirty-five.
    I, said Joint-Prothonotary do hereby declare the said last will and testament duly proved, and do order that the same be recorded in the register for wills, in and for the district of Beauharnois, and afterwards deposited amongst the archives of the Superior Court, in order that authentic copies thereof may be delivered to all interested parties.
    Given under my hand and seal of the said Court, at the city of Salaberry de Valleyfield, the day, month and year first above written.
    (Signed) Ostiguy & Lapointe J.P.S.C.

    True copy of the original hereof remaining of record in the office of the Joint Prothonotary of said Superior Court in and for the district of Beauharnois; compared with said original by the undersigned Joint-Prothonotary of said Court and the custodian of its archives;
    Dated at Salaberry de Valleyfield, in said district, this ninth day of May one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five.
    (Signed) Ostiguy & Lapointe J.P.S.C.
    * * * * * *
    At the General Hospital, Montreal, on April 20, 1935, Wilbert McMillan, son of the late Alexander McMillan and his wife Janet Oliver of Franklin Centre, Quebec.
    The Franklin Centre community was greatly saddened and shocked on Saturday last when word was received that Mr. Wilbert McMillan had suddenly passed away in the early morning hours at the General Hospital, Montreal, where he had been a patient during the past three weeks. The funeral services were held in the Franklin Centre United Church on Monday afternoon, and were conducted by the Rev. T.F. Duncan. The crowded church and beautiful floral offerings testified to the high esteem and affection in which he was held, by all who knew him.
    The pallbearers were six cousins of Mr. McMillan's: Sylvester McMillan, Fred McMillan, Rupert McMillan, George Rennie, Andrew Rennie, and John Oliver. the deceased leaves to mourn his loss his widow, Mildred C. Hanna, one son, Ray, three daughters, Olive, Mrs. Kenneth Brooks, Luella and Mae, and two grandchildren, Ross and Eunice Brooks, of residents of Franklin. He was 53 yrs. old.

    Source: Remembrances of Mr. Norris Rowe.
    Wilbert McMillan was known for his love of horses and folks would bring them to him to have them trained.Wilbert used to draw the mail from Ormstown to Franklin by horse and buggy. One day he bought a car, the neighbourhood children used to gather outside the garage where he would park and watch him with giggles, he'd back up and yell "Whoo", "Whoo" and then a long "Whoooooo" as he hit the back of the garage.

    The property across the road from the McMillan farm Lot 11A was used to train the Military,it was the perfect lay of land, three levels,some wooded and some brush land and an open field.

    More About Wilbert McMillan:
    Baptism: Rockburn Presbyterian Church
    Burial: 1935, Ames Cemetery, Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada
    Cause of Death: Cancer of the stomach and bowel
    Fact 1: After the death of his parents Wilbert became owner of Lot
    Medical Information: Had been kicked by a horse and afterwards always had stomach problems.
    Occupation: Farmer
    Religion: United Church, Franklin Centre, PQ, Canada
    Residence: Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada

    More About Wilbert McMillan and Charlotte Hanna:
    Marriage: October 16, 1907, Methodist Church, Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada433,434

    Children of Wilbert McMillan and Charlotte Hanna are:
    + 56 i. Olive Charlotte4 McMillan, born July 7, 1909 in Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada; died April 6, 1959 in Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada.
    + 57 ii. Margaret Luella McMillan, born Private.
    + 58 iii. William Alexander Raymond McMillan, born September 28, 1914 in Franklin Centre, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada; died September 25, 1993 in Barrie Memorial Hospital, Ormstown, Huntingdon, PQ, Canada.
    + 59 iv. Mildred Mae McMillan, born Private.

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