William Sylvester Price

William Sylvester Price
  • Born: 30 Aug 1901, Cincinnati, Hamilton, OH
  • Married , Chicago, IL, to Denise Helena Rose Wagner
  • Died: 28 Feb 1974, Charleston, SC
  • Reference: Mery Scott Research

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    Died of cancer.

    February 1974: Cremated. I do not know what happened to his ashes.

    William was an instructor at the Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina.

    From Jean Rene' Price in email dated 20 August 2000:
    "Dad was an Episcopalian by the time he married Marguerite Carlin on 20 May 1944 in Columbus, Ohio. I was there with Jacqueline...
    He graduated from the U. of Cincinnati in June 1926; went to France and taught English at Macon, France in 1926 and 1927. He taught at the Citadel [Charleston, SC} from 1928 to 1940. He attended the U of Chicago and received his Master's in Arts in 1934. It does not figure that he was divorced in Chicago; for he resigned his commission at the Citadel in 1940 and went to Ohio State to restart his doctoral work; then in 1944 was an associate professor, leaving for the Univeristy of Tulsa in the summer of 1946, received his PhD. in 1948. He started teaching at U of Tulsa in the Fall of 1946, Jacqueline and I were driven there by Grandpa and Grandma Price who were living at their place outside of Loveland. We joined Dad and Marguerite at Christmas 1946; where I entered Sidney Lanier Elementary School in mid-year of the 6th grade. Jacqueline entered the 3rd grade. Dad was promoted to head of the modern language department at TU for the Fall of 1947 and stayed there until June of 1968. He retired and moved to Charleston, SC where he landed another position as an advisor 3 days a week with a new university startup (I understood it was out of Charleston toward Columbia, SC - a Baptist University: that would have been easy for him to do, since he was a U of Chicago honor graduate; and that is a Baptist University, but few know it). He told me the position paid more than he had made at the U of Tulsa Annually. ...

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