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Denise Helena Rose Wagner
  • Born: 19 FEB 1904, Vitche, France
  • Married , Chicago, IL, to William Sylvester Price
  • Died: 22 NOV 1977, (Madisonville?) Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Reference: Mery Scott Research

    Christened 22 NOV 1977 Died at home

    Entered US25 Aug 1923 aboard the Roussillon, sailing from Le Havre, Seine-Inferior, France. She was 19 year old, a lived in Bitche, France.

    Divorce from William 1940 Charleston, South Carolina
    22 November 1977: Denise died at home. She was found by her sister, Gabrielle Wagner.

    Birthday could be the 14th of February.

    Denise was with William in Charleston, South Carolina while William taught at the Citadel. William divorced Denise bef 1944. The children, Jean and Jacqueline were raised by grandparents William Clifford and Florence, in Ohio.

    Vitche, France is 35 miles northeast of Strausburg, France. Her family had been there for 400 years, mostly mayors, military men, doctors and her dad may have been a butcher.

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