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Ebenezer Marsh

f a m i l y
Children with:
Sarah Eastman

Timothy Marsh
Ebenezer Marsh
  • Born: Abt 1716, Sunderland, Franklin, MA
  • Married Abt 1716, Sunderlans, Franklin, MA, to Sarah Eastman
  • Died: 6 May 1800, Montague, Franklin, MA

    # Abbrev: John Marsh of Hartford, CT;
    Title: John Marsh of Hartford, CT; Marsh Genealogy 1636 - 1895; Compiled by D wight
    Whitney Marsh of Amherst, Mass. Published by Press of Carpenter & Mareb ouse,
    Amherst, Mass, 1895.
    Page: p 252
    Text: He removed from Sunderland to Montague "Hunting Hills".
    # Abbrev: Marsh Genealogy 1636-1895 Compiled by Dwight Whitn
    Title: Marsh Genealogy 1636-1895 Compiled by Dwight Whitney Marsh of Amherst, M assachusetts; pub by Press of Carpenter & Marebouse, Amerherst, Massach usetts, assachusetts; pub by Press of Carpenter & Marebouse, Amerherst, Massach usetts, assachusetts; pub by Press of Carpenter & Marebouse, Amerherst, Massach usetts,.
    Page: p 368
    Text: Was born and lived his early life on the Lewis lot east side of Hadley B road St., but removed as early as 1770 to the original John Marsh lot o n the west side with his aged father and spent there the rest of his da ys. J. Pierce's diary reads "Dec. 9, 1742, begin to instruct Ebn Marsh i n Arithmetic Monday and Thursday evening." He was then 19 or 21. He w as field driver 1743 and 1744.
    He was 1748 highway surveyor, 1749 fence viewer. Jan. 7, 1750, the t own voted to Capt. Moses Marsh, Ebenezer Marsh, Jr., Samuel Marsh and s even others the liberty of erecting a grist mill on Fort river near Law rences bridge with the use of said stream so long as they shall keep a g rist mill there in good repair He was 1752, hogreave, 1755 and 58, fenc e viewer, 1763 had "fees for service," 1764 to seat meeting house, 1770 h ighway surveyor and fence viewer, 1771, 72 and 73, sealer of leather. I n 1773, while living himself at the original John Marsh lot, Cornet Ebe nezer bought of the town an addition to his son Timothy's home lot, whi ch was the south half of the original William Lewis lot. William Lewis w as Timothy Marsh's grandfather's grandfather. This addition was on the e ast, eight rods square and towards Pine Plain St.
    He was on committee 1773 to set bounds of street, 1774 to repair whar f of north end of town, and on "correspondence" Jan. 4, 1775 to receive d onations from Boston and Charlestown, chosen selectman, refused to serv e, 1776 fence viewer, 1778 highway surveyor, 1779 on town money, on com mittee with militia officers, delegate to convention at Northampton to e xamine war services, on transfer of credit. Voted June 28, 1779, trans fer of Timothy's Marsh's service to his father's account. He was moder ator of four town meetings that year. Aug. 23, Sept. 13, Oct 19 and 20 . In 1780 by town vote, corn was estimated at $20 a bushel. He was on c ommittee for clothing and to procure soldiers, to give opinion against M r. Strong and to seat meeting house, 1781 to collect minister's salary, t o build pews and estimate their dignity and to seat the meeting house,o n purchasing for the army and to meet delegates, 1782 sealer of leather , 1783 to see Mr. Hopkins, 1784 to seat meeting house and about soldier s, 1785 sealer of leather and on wearing of river bank, 1786 delegate t o Hatfield convention 1791 about town land. His gravestone stand near t he north end of his grandfather Daniel's lot and also his wife's, who d ied Jan. 31, 1794. Distribution of his estate gave to Timothy the home stead on which he lives, with buildings on same. To Sarah four acres a nd one hundred and forty-six rods on south side of homestead on which h e lived, the original John Marsh lot. To Ebenezer north side of homest ead one acre and ninety-four rods and liberty of ingress and engress to b uildings partly on Sarah's land.
    Inventory taken June 23, 1795: To homestead on which he lived, 230 p ounds; To homestead where Timothy lives, 130 pounds. Total real and pe rsonal estate, 668 pound, 6 shillings.
    # Abbrev: New England Historical & Genealogical Register
    Title: New England Historical and Genealogical Register (1847- 1994)
    Page: Vol 21 p 23
    Text: Genealogy of the Eastman Family
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