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Jonathan Marsh

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Children with:
Harriet Warner

Josiah Dwight Marsh
Jonathan Marsh
  • Born: 19 Jan 1793, Hadley, Hampshire, MA
  • Married 25 Oct 1821, Hadley, Hampshire, MA, to Harriet Warner
  • Died: 3 May 1843, Hadley, Hamshire, MA

    From: Ancestry.com
    Abbrev: Marsh Genealogy 1636-1895 Compiled by Dwight Whitn
    Title: Marsh Genealogy 1636-1895 Compiled by Dwight Whitney Marsh of Amherst, M assachusetts; pub by Press of Carpenter & Marebouse, Amerherst, Massach usetts, assachusetts; pub by Press of Carpenter & Marebouse, Amerherst, Massach usetts, assachusetts; pub by Press of Carpenter & Marebouse, Amerherst, Massach usetts,.
    Page: p 371
    Text: His parents living on the south half of the Lewis lot. When he was three years old his father died, Oct. 18, 1796, leaving his mother a widow with five children. When seven he saw Sammy Sumner (age 6) drowned and long after would not allow his own children to play at the river. In 1806 his mother sold the place,and married Josiah Cowles and removed to Leverett. He was early apprenticed to a shoemaker, but disliked the trade and was bound out to Silas Ball of Townsend, Vt., and when 21 took certificate that he had learned the carpenters and joiners trade. With a large muscular frame he would surpass the other apprentices in feats of strength and skill. He worked, his first free year in Westfield, Mass. and joined a military company, the only one thereabouts not ordered to Boston in 1814. He worked one season at Pompey, N.Y. and visited Niagara Falls and the battle field of Lundy's Lane.
    In the "great revival" of 1816 he joined the church as did his after wife Harriet Warner. He is descried at this time as full of humor and fond of a joke, but withal a very religious man. Having made his home in Hadley or Leverett in 1820. Dec. 26 he bought of Elhu Warner for $240 two and one-half acres on Middle St. the east end of a lot sold by Capt. Moses Marsh in1782, built a one and one-half story house and married Harriet Warner.
    Jonathan Marsh in 1821 was taxed on the old Marsh lot. Warner and Marsh families had lived on West St. side by side for 160 years, just where the main highway now passes out toward Northampton. At the death of his uncle Ebenezer his house had come into possession of Jonathan who tore it down, using some of the timber in his new home. His father-in-law also in 1822 sold the old Warner homestead and built a two-story house next south on his dau. on Middle St. so that the Marsh and Warner families were still side by side. At one time with other carpenters Jonat han Marsh did work on the south college at Amherst and in 1841 he helped move the old Hadley meeting house from West to Middle St. opposite hi s home and the next year he helped finish it off in its present shape.
    He also added a half story to his house. He died May 3, 1843, leaving his widow and five children.
    The Hampshire Gazette, May 11, 1843 has: "Died in Hadley, May 3, after a short but exceedingly painful sickness Mr. Jonathan Marsh, aged fif ty, whose memory will be long and fondly cherished not only by his widow, children, aged mother and other family connections to whom he was a v aluable citizen and the church whereof for many years he was an exemplary member.
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