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Henry III Plantagenet King of England

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Children with:
Elaenore (Laeonor) Countess of Provence

Richard Plantagenet Prince Of England

Edward I "Longshanks" Plantagenet King of England
Henry III Plantagenet King of England
  • Born: 1 Oct 1207, Winchester Castle, Hampshire, England
  • Married 14 Jan 1236, Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England, to Elaenore (Laeonor) Countess of Provence
  • Died: 16 Nov 1272, Westminster Castle, London, Middlesex, England

    pict2380.jpg [140x188] Henry III Plantagenet, King of England
    buried 20 November 1272 Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England

    King Henry - Henry III, King John's son, was only nine when he became King and was crowned King of England on October 28, 1216.. By 1227, when he assumed power from his regent, order had been restored, based on his acceptance of Magna Carta. However, the King's failed campaigns in France (1230 and 1242), his choice of friends and advisers, together with the cost of his scheme to make one of his younger sons King of Sicily and help the Pope against the Holy Roman Emperor, led to further disputes with the barons and united opposition in Church and State. Although Henry was extravagant and his tax demands were resented, the King's accounts show a list of many charitable donations and payments for building works (including the rebuilding of Westminster Abbey which began in 1245).

    The ruins of Degannwy Castle visible today belong mainly to Henry III's castle. The defences of the bailey - earth banks and ditches on the north side, the base of two D-shaped gatehouse towers, and the curtain wall hastily built by Edward I on the south - can still be recognized. The mass of fallen masonry near the base of the gatehouse is a relic of the demolition of 1263.

    Henry III built a Dyserth Castle, the ruins of which were destroyed by quarrying around 1914. In 1246 he decided to strengthen the castle with a well, watch tower and large catapult. However, it was besieged by Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and his brother, Dafydd, in 1356 in an attempt to sever its links with Chester. It was finally captured and then destroyed by Llywelyn in 1263.
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