Alphonso II Count of ProvenceGarsende de SabranThomas I Count de SavoieBeatrice de Geneve et Faucigny

Raymond Berenger V (IV) Count of Provence & ForcalquierBeatrice de Savoie

Elaenore (Laeonor) Countess of Provence

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Children with:
Henry III Plantagenet King of England

Sancha Countess of Provence

Edward I "Longshanks" Plantagenet King of England
Elaenore (Laeonor) Countess of Provence
  • Born: Abt 1217, Aiz-en-Provence, Provence
  • Married 14 Jan 1236, Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England, to Henry III Plantagenet King of England
  • Died: 24 Jun 1291, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England

    buried 11 September 1291 Monastery, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England
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