Aaron Fitz Rogers

Aaron Fitz Rogers

John Fitz Rogers

f a m i l y
Children with:
Elizabeth de Furneaux

John Fitz Rogers
John Fitz Rogers
  • Born: Abt 1335, England
  • Married Abt 1355 to Elizabeth de Furneaux

    per History of MF Planters by L.C. Hills
    The Rogers Family:
    SIR TANCRED DE HAUTVILLE, b Abt 970. d aft 1058, a nobleman of Hautville near Cautauces, Normandy. m 1st abt 992 Moriella; m 2nd abt 1013 Fredistand. There were a number of sons, among them, Robert, Roger and William.
    ROBERT "GUISCARD", b 1015, became a great General, commanding Norman troops in Italy, and was created Duke of Apulia 1059; King of Naples and had other honors.
    He d 1085.
    His borther Rogers became Grand Count Roger I 1089-1102 of Sicily.
    He was b 1030, d 1101/2.
    Duke Robert and his brother Grand Count Roger were primarily responsible for the Norman conquest of Sicily, and the Fitz Roger name in South West England is alleged to have sprung from descendants of these brothers.
    Conditions in Sicily of a religious nature becoming delicate, an Aaron John Fitz Rogers, a merchant of Rome, was forced to flee to London where he engaged in business. The Rogers Family have the right to bear the coat of arms accredited to GRAND COUNT ROGER I of Sicily. Aaron Rogers was b Italy abt 1260/70.
    The Roger-Furneaux House, as Mr. Underwood calls it, begins the first generation with John Fitz Roger, born circa 1335 in England. He was the son of Aaron Roger of London and, in 1385-6, married Elizabeth Furneaux who was born in 1330. She was the daughter and heiress of Sir Symon de Furneaux as mentioned above. John Fitz Roger was her second husband and is our direct ancestor. The only child of this marriage was named John
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