Peter HarnessNancy Hail

Christopher Columbus HarnessAnna Roy

Mary Harriet Harness

f a m i l y
Children with:
Benjamin G. McWilliams

John E. Harness
Rebecca Harness
Peter Harness
Elizabeth Harness
Thomas Harness
Emily P. Harness
Elvira Jane R. Harness
Christopher Columbus Harness
Warren E. Harness

Mahala Elizabeth McWilliams
Martha Jane McWilliams
Rebecca Frances McWilliams
Emily McWilliams
June McWilliams
Sarah Margaret McWilliams
Nancy Emma McWilliams
Charles Calvin McWilliams
William Nelson McWilliams
Mary Harriet Harness
  • Born: 17 Dec 1833, Somerset, KY
  • Married 20 Feb 1853, Somerset, KY, to Benjamin G. McWilliams
  • Died: 14 Jun 1912, Neosho Falls, KS

    pict2176.jpg [124x193] Mary Harriet Harness and Benjamin G. McWilliams
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