Caius Octavius III Magistrate of VelitraeMarcus Atius Balbus {of Rome}Julia Caesaris

Caius Octavius IV Senator-PraetorAtias (Atia) Balbus (Balba)


f a m i l y
Children with:
Marcus Antonius III Triumvirate (Marc Antony)

Antonia Minor (Antonia the Younger)
Octavia "the Elder"
  • Born: Abt 64 BC
  • Married to Marcus Antonius III Triumvirate (Marc Antony)
  • Died: Abt 11 BC

    pict1870.jpg [128x193] Bust of Octavia (The Louvre)

    Octavia stands out as a virtuous woman in a time when every restraint was relaxed. No evil deeds about her were ever even hinted by anybody. After she was abandoned by *Mark Antony, Octavia bore her rejection silently, lived quietly in Antony's house at Rome, and brought up faithfully his children by Fulvia and the two daughters that she herself had given him. Later, Octavia, after the death of Antony and Cleopatra, reared the children of Antony and Cleopatra as if they were her own.
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    Octavia was the name of two women of the imperial family of ancient Rome: The elder was the sister of Augustus Caesar and wife of Mark Antony. The younger was her great-great-grandaughter, the daughter of Claudius and wife of Nero.

    Octavia (69 - 11 B.C.) was the sister of Augustus Caesar and wife of Claudius Marcellus (three children)), then of Mark Antony (two daughters).

    Octavia's second daughter by Marcellus married Agrippa. Their son married Julia, Augustus Caesar's daughter, and Caligula was that couple's grandson on his mother's side (his father being Germanicus, brother of Claudius).

    When Antony announced he was married to Cleopatra VII of Egypt and that her son Caesarion was the legitimate heir of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar therefore a usurper, Augustus ordered his sister to leave Antony's house and return to his. Octavia was a remarkable woman who reared several of Antony's children by his other wives.

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