Caius Julius Caesar II Marcia daughter of Quintus Marcius Rex

Caius Julius Aurelia (Cornelia) of Rome

Julia Caesaris

f a m i l y
Children with:
Marcus Atius Balbus {of Rome}

Caius Julius Caesar IV

Atias (Atia) Balbus (Balba)
Julia Caesaris
  • Born: Abt 39 BC
  • Married to Marcus Atius Balbus {of Rome}
  • Died: Abt 51 BC

    Julia Caesaris was the sister of Julius Caesar; she was married to Marcus Atius Balbus and was Caesar Augustus' grandmother. When Augustus was age twelve, he gave her a funeral eulogy in her honour. Julia died in 51 BC. Balbus' senatorial family came from Aricia, was a praetor and a commissioner under his brother-in-law. In villas, family members would decorate them with masks of their past relatives in their honor. He died 52 BC. Balbus' mother is a biological aunt to Pompey the Great.

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