Rotrude (Rotrudis) (Chotrude) Duchess of Austrasia

f a m i l y
Children with:
Charles Martel

Pepin III "The Short" King of Franks
Alde (Aldane) Martel of Austrasia
Rotrude (Rotrudis) (Chotrude) Duchess of Austrasia
  • Born: abt 690, Mosells, Austrasia
  • Married to Charles Martel
  • Died: Abt 724

    Chrotrud was the wife of Charles Martel and mother of the king Pepin the Short. According to Frankish tradition, she was the daughter of Saint Leutwinus, son of Gunza and one Count Warinus, himself the son of Sigrada and Bodilan. Her mother, whose name was not known, was said to be the daughter of Doda and Rodobertus, son of Lantbertus I.
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