Thomas Danyers, Sr., of BradleyJoan de NorreysWilliam de Tabley

Sir Thomas Daniell of Over TableyKatherine de Tabley

Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley

f a m i l y
Children with:
Elizabeth Aston

Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
  • Married to Elizabeth Aston
  • Died: Oct 1432

    1398. Recognizance Rolls :-
    Thomas son of sir Thomas Daniel, kt., sir John de Masey of Podynton, kt, George de Caryngton, and Robert Danyell of Rydlegh, entered into a Recog. with the King, in l000 mares, to keep the peace towards Peter de Legh senior, who was, with sir Robt. de Legh, kt., and John his son, and William de Stanley senr., also bound over to keep the peace.-H.

    22 Ric. II. (1398/99) Plea Rolls :-
    Thomas, son and heir of sir Thomas Danyers, granted protection on his going to Ireland on the King's service. Dat. 26 May. 1399

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