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Thomas Danyers, Sr., of Bradley

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Children with:
Joan de Norreys

Sir Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley
Thomas Danyers, Sr., of Bradley
  • Born: Abt 1305, Bradley, Appleton, Cheshire, England
  • Married to Margaret de Tabley
  • Married to Joan de Norreys
  • Died: 1354, Lymme, England

    pict1549.jpg [179x193] St. Wilfrid's Church, Grappenhall
    Thomas Danyers Senior of Bradley in Appleton, Co. Cheshire

    His seal shown here is very interesting. The Arms in the centre are those of the Daniell's of Cheshire passed down through the generations from the 13th century. The Arms around the edge are those of his mother's family the Legh's of West Hall, High Legh. They are the Arms of the Mascy family from whom the Legh's of West Hall are thought to be descended..

    This Thomas had lands in Lymme by the grant of William Danyers Senior, and purchased Bradley from Peter Dutton, Lord of Warburton in 1301.

    He was Sheriff of Cheshire 1351 (25 Edw III) and 1353 (27 Edw III)

    He is believed to have had three bastard sons William Danyers, Roger Danyers, and Robert Danyers

    His will was dated 1354 (28 Edw. III)

    28 Edw. III (1354/55) Extent Thme Danyel chr. :-
    Held in Bradelegh infra claustruram videlt. aula, camer' gog' and other edifices ; a water-mill and lands in Lymme; lands in Russhton, Thelwall, Ughtrynton, and Ov'tabbelegh. Also the Manors of Lostock and Hale.

    28 Edw. III (1354/55) Inquisition Post Mortem Thme Daniers, chivaler. :-
    The Jurors, Ad et Rog'm de Moldeworth, Ric' fil Gilbti de Acton, Henr' fil David de Hulgreve, Ricn' Spark, Thm de Acton, Johem de Elton, and others, find that he was enfeoffed with his wife, of the Manors of Hale and Bradelegh, &c. See post Hale, and Bradley in Appleton.

    Ormerod, Volume I, Page 554, Hale in Bucklow Hundred :-
    In 28 Edw. III (1354/55) according to the Extent and Inq. p.m. of Sir Thomas Danyel, Kt., of Over Tabley, he held the Manor of Hamon de Massy by grand serjeanty being enffeofed of the same with his wife

    A plaque in the church recalls the heroic deed of a mediaeval knight, Sir Thomas Danyers.

    In Memory of Sir Thomas Danyers of Bradley within Appleton, Knight, who died AD 1354. He was present at the Battle of Cresey the XIVth day of may AD 1346 and there rescued the Standard of Edward the Black Prince from the hands of the enemy, and made prisoner the Comte de Tankerville, Chamberlain of the French King. To preserve the memory of so gallant a soldier this monument was placed here. AD 1876.

    The surname Danyers may come from de Angers and various modifications over the centuries produced Danyers, Danvers and Danyell until by the 16th century it was Daniels. The family of Sir Thomas Danyers can be traced in the area to 1294. In recognition of his services, Lyme Park was given to Sir Thomas Danyer's daughter Margaret, who married Sir Perkin Legh. Hence Lyme Park came into the ownership of this branch of the Legh family. (There was also an ancient Daniels family at Over Tabley and their house remains, close to the M6 roundabout.)

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