Aaron McDaniel

Aaron McDaniel
  • Born: Abt 1775, Georges Township, Fayette Co., PA
  • Married 20 Apr 1796, Monongolia Co., VA, to Mary Haddix
  • Died: 24 Jul 1833, Tayor County, WV

    He was buried in McDaniel Cemetery #46. Aaron McDaniel, was the son of Isaac and was born in Georges Twp, Fayette Co.,Pennsylvania about 1775 and moved with his brother Abraham to Knottsville, WV about 1791. Aaron and Mary Haddox got married April 20, 1796 in Monongalia Co., West Virginia. Issues were: Nancy abt 1794,Hannah abt 1799, Mary Ann abt 1800, Isaac January 11, 1800, Susannah May 8, 1801, Benjamin abt 1802, Samuel 1807, John abt
    1810, Edith abt 1815 and Aaron 1822. Both Mary and Aaron McDaniel must have had a feud going with the family of Adam Menear. According to the Monongalia County Court Records in 1811 Adam Menear tried to get approval to dam the Tygart Valley River. Aaron swore before Judge Tibbs that he had not been notified of the hearing ( of course Aaron could not read nor write). Adam Menear was ordered to construct. In 1814 according to the Monongalia court records Adam Menear charged Aaron and Mary McDaniel with slander because Mary had called Hester, Adam Menear's daughter, a whore and a dam'd whore. Menear won the case and Aaron and Mary had to pay Hester $50 plus court costs. In 1819 Samuel Powell sued Aaron for slander stating that Aaron called him a liar. Aaron also lost this case. Aaron was a veteran of the war of 1812.
    According to West Virginia Encyclopedia, Comstock Vol. 9, p.176 Muster Roll of Capt. James Harvey's Company from Monongalia Co.Aaron was in service at Norfolk in 1814. I am told he only served 6 months. In the Monongalia Co. Deed Records Aaron purchased 99 acres of land on the Tygart River in July 1806 from A. Wickware. On September 18, 1830 Deed Book #OS 10 Page 538 Aaron and his wife deeded 99 acres on the Tygart River to Samuel McDaniel,his son. Aaron McDaniel died July 24, 1833 and was buried in
    the McDaniel cemetery in Stone House and his remains were moved to Mary's Chapel cemetery in 1937 when Stone House became the bottom of Tygart Lake. At the time of his death Aaron must have owed a lot of money because in 1835 the Monongalia County Court appraised and sold all of his personal assets in an estate sale.
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