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  • Born: Abt 1780
  • Married 20 Apr 1796, Monongolia Co., VA, to Aaron McDaniel
  • Died: Aft 1860, Barbour Co, NY

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    << Mary is suppose to be the daughter of William Haddix
    but I don't see her listed as a daughter.Can you help me is she a
    daughter of William? >>

    ^^^^ From all evidence we must assume that Mary was indeed the daughter of
    William & Catherine Minear Haddix. I have now listed her as such. Her
    association with the family - the proximity of where she resided when she
    slandered Enoch's sister in law - and her reference to Enoch being jealous of
    Sarah, and the fact that she later moved to the area where Wm. & Catherine
    retired and where Phillip lived on Mitchel Run after Aaron died. Mary became
    a pauper.

    I also think there were other siblings of Enoch & Mary - I have recently
    recieved claim that Henry was one of them & have tenatively included him in my
    listing. Others are likely, but less evidence, so am not including them as
    family at this time.

    Mary Haddix, daughter of William Haddix and Catherine Minear, was born about
    1779-1780. She was sixteen and Aaron was twenty-one when they got married. They did have a child, Nancy, who was born prior to their marriage. Mary and Aaron McDaniel lived near Knottsville, West Virginia. Mary obviously was unschooled and unskilled doing those things that pioneer women did, i.e., spin cotton, flax, and wool, weave and knit, sew, look after hogs and poultry, milk the cows, bake bread, besides bearing and rearing the children. They really didn't have much time for other things, but Mary was a strong willed and minded women; in her younger years fighting with her brother Enoch Haddix and uncle Adam Minear both in person and in court. I believe that Aaron and Mary had
    eleven children and in addition raised their grandson, little Aaron who was born in 1822.

    In 1833 when Mary was about fifty-three Aaron, her husband, died. Financially, times were pretty rough, but Mary and the children were able to get Aaron's body moved about ten miles south to the McDaniel's Cemetery at Stonehouse. In 1835 the Monongalia County Courts appraised and sold all of Aaron's personal property. It was at that time that I believed Mary and little Aaron moved from Knottsville to Arden to be close to Mary's brother, Philip Haddix and her mother, Catherine. Mary and little Aaron lived together until 1845 when little Aaron Married Satira Glasscock. In the 1860 Barbour County Census Mary McDaniel is listed as a pauper living with the Isaac Gaines family. I have never been able to locate a record of her death or where she was buried.
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