Thomas Bignett

f a m i l y
William Bignett
Thomas Bignett
  • Born: Abt 1490, England
  • Died: Bef 6 Jun 1547, Hoxne, Suffolk, England

    TB was born about 1490 and died at Hoxne between 26 January 1541/2 and 6 June 1547, the dates of the execution and probate of his will. The name of his first wife is unknown; married secondly Agnus --, who died between 20 May and 7 November 1552. Thomas Bygney was assessed 19 schillings in the 1524 subsidy of Hoxne, the only man of this surname listed in the county of Suffolk.12 April 1540 TB witnessed the will of widow Elizabeth Mortymere of Hoxne.

    The will of Agnus has wording that suggests that she was not the mother of William but was the mother of TBs other children. Children: William, c1519; [order unkown] Nicholas, John, Peter Margaret and Johan.

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