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William Bignett

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Grace Bignett
William Bignett
  • Born: Abt 1519
  • Died: Bef 24 Sep 1583

    WB was born say 1519 probably in the parish of Hoxne. He died between 25 May and 24 September 1583, the dates of the execution and probate of his will. The death falls in a gap in the parish records of Hoxne. WB married probably about 1544 Margaret -- who was buried at Hoxne 25 May 1596. WB was a father of 4 children in 1552 when his step mother will them a lamb each. WB inherited the lands and tenements of his father at the death of his step mother. He was taxed 1s 4p in the 1568 subsidy and was the only Bignett assessed in the subsidy.

    WB's will identifies 8 children and suggests their birth order: Johan, c1545; Alice, c1547; George, c1549; Agnes, c1551; Stephen, c1553; Cicely, bp 21 March 155/5; ?John, bp 3 June 1562; William, bp 8 June 1560; Grace, bp 8 June 1567.

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