Rachel (Rachael) [Brackett] ??

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Peter Brackett

Rachel Brackett
Captain Richard Brackett
Rachel (Rachael) [Brackett] ??
  • Born: Abt 1584, Suffolk, England
  • Married 1607, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, to Peter Brackett
  • Died: 15 Sep 1651, Braintree, Norfolk, MA

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    After being left a widow, Rachel doesn't appear in any other English records yet found for two years. Then, however, she remarried to Martin Saunders, a currier of Sudbury. On or about 10 April 1635, Martin Saunders, Rachel, and their seven minor children, and also her daughter Rachel (Brackett) Newcomb and her husband Francis and two children, all set sail from London aboard the Planter, Nicholas Trerice, Master. They arrived in Boston 7 June following. On the passenger list, Martin and Rachel are listed as aged 40 and from Sudbury. With them also were three servants: Mary Fuller age 15, Richard Smith age 14, and Richard Ridley age 16. No more is known of the three young servants. Now the ages given on the passenger list for the Saunders family members were mere estimates on the part of the clerk, as can be shown in the case of the children. Martin and Rachel were apparently nearer 45, or born around 1590, which would make her about 18 at the birth of her first child and 42 at the birth of the last one. The Bracketts, Newcombs and Saunders, all from Sudbury, all settled in that part of Boston which was soon set off as the town of Braintree. Rachel Saunders was of course the mother of Richard and Peter Brackett, of Rachel Newcomb, and the Saunders children. Rachel Saunders was admitted to the Boston church on 8 November 1635, the same time as was Richard Brackett's wife, Alice. On 16 April 1639 she was dismissed to the new Braintree church. Rachel died at Braintree 15 September 1651. Martin Saunders remarried 23 May 1654 to Elizabeth Bancroft, widow of Roger. When his son John was about to marry Mary Munjoy, he deeded him some of his land. Martin Saunders died 4 August 1658, having made his will 5 July preceding.

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