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Peter Brackett

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Rachel (Rachael) [Brackett] ??

Rachel Brackett
Captain Richard Brackett
Peter Brackett
  • Born: 1580 to 1585, Sudbury, Suffolk, England
  • Married 1607, Sudbury, Suffolk, England, to Rachel (Rachael) [Brackett] ??
  • Died: Bef 25 Aug 1616, Sudbury, Suffolk, England

    Burial: 25 Aug 1616
    All Saints, Sudbury, Suffolk, England
    From: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Bluffs/2806/pafg121.htm#3332

    PETER BRACKETT (Richard, William, William) of Sudbury, Suffolk, Englai~d was born about 1580-85. His wife's name was Rachel. Taken ill in the prime of his life, he made his will 18 August 1616 and died a week later. He was buried on 25 August 1616 at All Saints, Sudbury. One must wonder what fatal malady it was, which gave him so little hope of recovery that he prepared for death. Three days after his burial, the 28th, his widow proved his will. Except for the religious preamble, it is given in full below. From it, one learns that he left three small children and his wife was expecting a fourth within a few weeks. Peter Brackett was apparently a substantial citizen, for he owned a house in another parish which was rented out, and the rent from this he left to his father for life.

    8 August 1616 - I PETER BRACKET of Sudbury in the countie of Suff and diocease of Norwich being sicke in bodie but whole in rninde Rachell my wiffe shall have all my goods chattels and implemts of households in consideration that she shall bringe up my children and pay unto every one of my children twentye shillings apeece as namely Peter Richard and Rachell and my will is that that childe wch my wiffe is wth childe wth shall have twentye shillings to be paid Unto them at their severall ages of Twenty and one yeares and if any of them doe dye before their portion to be divided among them that shalbe liveing. Item 1 will and my mynde is that my ffather Richard Bracket shall have the rents of my house in the pishe of St. Peters in Sudburye wherein one Martyn London now dwelleth during his naturall life and after his deceasse I will and my minde is that my said house shalbe solde by my wiffe and the money thereof to be devided amonge my children that shalbe then liveing and my will is that my eldest sonne Peter Bracket shall have ffive pounds more then the residue, item I ordains and make Racheli my Lovu~g wiffe tobe executrix of this rrry last will and testament Witnesses: Ruggle Fe tsr Bracket Rychard Bracket Thomas Grigges (Proved 28 August 1616) Edward Strachie William Strutt (Reference: Legate 122)

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