Jean Pierre (Peter) StrackCatherine Strack

Jean Baptiste DubrayMalinda (Madeline) Strack

William Dubray

f a m i l y
Charles Dubray
John Dubray
Peter Dubray
Catherine Dubray
Marie Louise Dubray
Melaudy Rosalie Dubray
Josephine Dubray
Luci Louise Dubray
Elizabeth Dubray
William Dubray
  • Born: 11 Jan 1841, Saranac, NY
  • Married 31 Jan 1859, Church of the Assumption, Redford, Cllinton County, New York , to Catherine Houle
  • Died: 26 Nov 1897, Stockville, NY

    Event: Cause of death (Facts Pg) Heart failure
    Burial: Church of the Assumption, Redford, Clinton County, New York
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