Edward D. DeLoria and Mary Anna [Dauplais] St. Cyr, circa. 1949


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Verna [St. Cyr] DeLoria and Family, circa 1985

Back Row: Robert Blanchette, Gerald DeLoria, Stanley Slowik, Robert DeLoria, Richard Fleury

Front Row: Jeanne [DeLoria] Blanchette, Shirley [Mainville] DeLoria, Marie [DeLoria] Slowik, Joan [Connors] DeLoria,

Anne [DeLoria] Fleury, Judith [Olbrych] DeLoria, Loretta [Myette] DeLoria

Front: Verna [St. Cyr] DeLoria

(Edward “Red” DeLoria taking picture)


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Edward D. DeLoria and Family, circa. 1972

Back: Wayne Charles DeLoria, Bruce Edward DeLoria

Front: Karen Jeanne DeLoria, Edward Donald DeLoria, Loretta Alice [Myette] DeLoria


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