DeLoria Family Photo Page


While there are many photos imbedded in the entries in Wayne DeLoria’s Family tree (see link in frame on left), there are many others (along with some documents and newspaper articles) that can not easily be integrated into those pages.  We decided that, due to their importance to the family, they should be displayed on a separate page.  The photos, documents, and article are displayed here with a bit of explanation.


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Alice [Tavernia] DeLoria with daughter Mary, and son Francis (Frank), 1906


Edward Blanchard DeLoria and Verna Linas St.Cyr Wedding Photo, 1928


Edward B. DeLoria with Alice Tavernia and Tavernia Aunts, circa 1943


Ed & Verna DeLoria children, Photo1, circa 1945


Edward D. DeLoria and Mary Anna [Dauplaise] St. Cyr, circa. 1949


Alice [Tavernia] DeLoria with sons, Raymond and Don, circa. 1950


Edward Donald DeLoria and Loretta Alice Myette circa 1950


Edward “Red” DeLoria and his dog “Lady”, circa. 1950


Ed & Verna DeLoria Children, Photo 2, circa 1951


Edward D. DeLoria and Loretta A. Myette Wedding Photo, 1951


Alice [Tavernia] DeLoria with family, circa 1955


Leander St. Cyr and Mary Anna [Dauplaise] St. Cyr 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1957


Edward D. DeLoria and Family, circa, 1972


Verna [St. Cyr] DeLoria and Family, circa 1985