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William Lusk

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Children with:
Sarah Guinn

William Lusk
William Lusk
  • Born: Abt 1683 to 1696, Scotland
  • Married 1715 to Sarah Guinn
  • Died: 24 Feb 1745, Augusta Co., VA

    In the name of God Amen. I, William Lusk, being in my perfect senses but low in body; Do order this my Last Will an Test. and do in the presents of God Angels and Man. Commit my Soul to God and my body to the dust. I do bequeath to my wife Sarah and son David, my plantation. In during her widowhood and if she marys, David is to give her five pounds for her part of the place. and then the place shall properly belong to David. I do will and bequeath to my son James, my kean and spurs. And to my son Samuel One English Shilling. And to my son John one English Shilling. And to my son William one English Shilling. And to my son Hugh my great coat and streat cap and jacket which I had last made. And one English S. to my Daughter Mary. And I do Will and bequeath to my Daughter Martha my Young Black mear and her own saddle. And to my Daughter Sarah my Black horse and a sadle is to be given her out of the whole Stock. As for wheat that is in the ground and the wheat that is in the barn. I do alow to be devided into four equal parts and what debt is on the place is to be paid out of wheat and an equal devision of the wheat is to be made between my wife and son David. and my two daughters. As for my cows and sheep and hogs to be kept on the place as usual and them together with other movebles is to be devided equally between my wife and son and daughters as thy part. I alow my wife Sarah and my brother John Lusk to be my Ex'rs.

    Signed sealed and delivered in the presents of John Breyars, Jur? his mark |X|"Will" Will Lusk, his mark. Thomas McClaior ? Jur.? February 24th 1746
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