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Fred Hurst Delano

Fred Hurst Delano
  • Born: 1 Apr 1916, Dowagiac, MI
  • Died: 25 Feb 1989, Huntington Beach, CA


    Fred H. Delano (1916-
    PAPERS, 1907-1923; 1949-1987.

    Fred H. DeLano was born in Dowagiac, Michigan on April 1, 1916. He attended Dowagiac High School, where he began his lifelong interest in sports by joining the Dowagiac football team. After graduating in 1933, DeLano continued this interest at the University of Michigan, where he became sports editor for the Michigan Daily, and the Ann Arbor correspondent for the Chicago Tribune. DeLano graduated in 1937 from the university with degrees in history and journalism. He embarked upon a journalism career immediately after graduation and continued writing throughout his life for many newspapers, including the Detroit Free Press and the Plymouth Observer. Beyond his journalism career, DeLano was also heavily involved with sports public relations and promotions, which landed him the position of General Manager for the Detroit Pistons, 1957-1958, the first year the team played in Detroit. Throughout his many change of positions and moves, DeLano remained involved with his home state of Michigan, his high school, college, and friends.
    Social Security Death Record
    Fred DELANO
    Birth Date: 1 Apr 1916
    Death Date: 25 Feb 1989
    Social Security Number: 363-12-4208
    State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Michigan
    Death Residence Localities
    ZIP Code: 48170
    Localities: Plymouth, Wayne, Michigan

    California Death Record
    Suname Given MI Sex DOB DOD Birthplace Deathplace
    DELANO FRED H MALE 1 Apr 1916 24 Feb 1989 MICHIGAN ORANGE SSN: 363124208

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