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Philipne Foubert

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Children with:
Jeffine Riviere

Marie Foubert
Philipne Foubert
  • Born: 1616, St Vivien, Rouen, Seine, France
  • Married Bef 1641, St Vivien, Rouen, Normandie, France, to Jeffine Riviere
  • Died: 1656 to 1661, Capmadeleine, Champlain, Quebec

    Burial: 1661 Cap De Madelaine, Champlain, Quebec

    Philippe was a furniture maker, arriving in Canada with his wife and 16-year old daughter during the summer of 1656. It appears that Philippe Foubert and Marie-Jeffine Rivière had two daughters, both named Marie. The younger daughter, born in January 1647 had died in Rouen in September 1655, the year before they left for New France.
    Translated from: Memoires de la Societe Genealogique de Francais Canadiens

    In the early days of the colony a number of Frenchmen left their families in
    France to come & get established in Canada; and at some point decided to
    relocate their household there. In the censuses are lists of men "not married
    or married in France". The two Foubert brothers, Philippe & Robert, as well
    as Georges Pelletier had been in Canada for several years when they made
    arrangements for the three wives as well as Marie, daughter of Philippe age
    15, to emigrate. The passage cost 100 livres immediately & the rest on the
    arrival of the passengers. The women left in the spring of 1656 from either
    Dieppe or Rouen and arrived in the summer of the same year.

    Philippe married Marie-Jeffine Riviere who was from near St-Vivien-de-Rouen & had Marie, baptised at St-Vivien 13 july 1640; she had as godfather Robert
    Foubert (her uncle) & Perrette Riviere (probably her aunt) as godmother.
    Another daughter, also Marie, was baptised in the same church the 8 jan 1647
    but was no longer around in 1655.

    Philippe Foubert was "engage" in Quebec with Charles Sevestre in 1649-50. In 1652, referred to as a miller, he bought a home in Trois-Rivieres of two
    arpents of frontage on the river. On the 3 oct 1655, Philippe & his brother,
    Robert signed a note of obligation for 100 livres to Charles Sevestre,
    probably the downpayment reqired to bring their women to this country. They
    arrived in QB the summer of 1656, Jeffine Riviere, age 48, accompanied by her
    daughter, Marie age 15, Marguerite Riviere age 50, wife of Robert Foubert and
    the young wife of Georges Pelletier, age 32. They made haste to return to
    Trois-Rivieres to announce the prospective marriage of Marie Foubert to Jean
    Cusson which took place 16 september 1656.

    By 1661 Philippe Foubert had died, as in a document dated 23 dec 1661 his wife was referred to as the "widow of Philippe Foubert".
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