Pierre Pepin dit Tranchemontagne (dit Lafond)

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Children with:
Francoise Prieur

Jacqueline Pepin
Guillaume Pepin dit Tranchemontagne
Etienne Pepin dit Lafond
Pierre Pepin dit Tranchemontagne (dit Lafond)
  • Born: Abt 1582, St Laurent, Barriere, Saintes, France
  • Married 1606, Xaintes, Baviere, St.laurent, France, to Francoise Prieur
  • Died: Bef 15 Sep 1665, Trois Rivieres, Quebec

    Christened abt. 1575
    "Pepin is a name from the oldest of French nobility. Pepin de Landen (the Old), lived in the XII century; he was the father of Grimoald, ancestor of the Carolingians, whose dynasty gave twelve Kings to the mother country. Pepin d'Heristal, grandson of Pepin de Landen, was Duke of the Austrasiens, a people living in the eastern part of France. Finally, Pepin the Short, the best known of all, is famous for his warlike actions. A powerful man, born to the saddle, he rode to glory over the backs of the Aquitans, the Alamans, the Bavarois and the Saxons. Having united his Kingdom by the sword, he was crowned by Saint-Boniface, apostle of the Germains.

    "Are the Canadian Pepins distand descendants of these old Kings of France? Each has the freedom to claim it, but we will never really know. There are so many generations between the two eras, lost in the fog of the centuries, and, apart from the records kept by the nobility, largely unrecorded.


    "Without the Pepins, the first few decades of life in Trois-Rivieres would have been quite different. Three noted historians and genealogists, Tanguay, Sulte and Bellemare, all claim that Guillaume Pepin dit Tranchemontagne was present at the founding of the town in 1634. However, this assertion is not based on known documents.

    "What is certain however, is that a man named Jean Pepin, about whom we know almost nothing, lived in the budding trifluvien community in 1643. On 15 June of that year, his name was entered in the civil records as a Godfather. On 7 May 1658, we find his signature in a contract by notary Severin Ameau, and on 11 July 1660, his name was again mentioned in the official report of the local Provost.

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