Jean Edme Girouard

f a m i l y
Children with:
Petronille Marie Georgeon

Antoine Girouard
Pieere Girouard
Francois Girouard
Marie Madeleine Girouard
Jean Edme Girouard
  • Born: 1651, St Eustache Par, Paris, France
  • Married 23 Nov 1690, Notre Dame, Montlucon, Auvergne, France, to Petronille Marie Georgeon
  • Died: 6 May 1721, Notre Dame, Montlucon, Auvergne, France

    Jean-Edme Girouard, Sieur de Boisrolin, adviser to the King and controller of the deposit of Rion in Auvergne and Pétronille Georgeon

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