Francois TavernierMarie Marchand

Julien Tavernier dit Sanspite

f a m i l y
Children with:
Marie Angelique Girouard

Jean Julien Isadore Louis Tavernier
Marie Anne Tavernier
Marie Josephe Tavernier
Antoine Tavernier
Joseph Tavernier
Julien Tavernier dit Sanspite
  • Born: Abt 1721, Amiens, Picardy, France
  • Married 19 May 1749, Montreal, Ile de Montreal, Quebec, to Marie Angelique Girouard
  • Died: Jul 1756, close to Champlain, Quebec

    pict807.jpg [193x144] Regiment du Chevalier de la Corne
    Julien Tavernier came to Canada in the grade of Sergeant in the Regiment du Chevalier de La Corne. He died in combat directing operations against the English outposts in Champlain.
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