Thomas Trott

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Children with:
Sarah Proctor

Preserved Trott
Thomas Trott
  • Born: 1613, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
  • Married 1644, Dorchester, Suffolk, MA, to Sarah Proctor
  • Died: 28 Jul 1696, Dorchester, Suffolk, MA

    Thomas Trott, the ancestor, came from England to Dorchester, Mass., in 1635, where he turned his attention to farming. Nine years later he joined the church, which act, by virtue of the peculiar civil and eccesiastical polity of the Puritans, gave him the right to vote, and invested him with all the privileges of full citizenship - that exalted condition being then expressed by the noble term, freeman. That same year he became an actor and a partner in the greatest event in life - he married Sarah Proctor. Any one of these acts would indicate a laudable effort to get on in the world, but to compass them all in one year must be accepted as evidence of substantial progress. We know there was then a searching ordeal through which a candidate must pass before the gateway to church membership was thrown open. The balance of our acquaintance with Thomas Trott is that he raised a son Samuel, and died in Dorchester at the age of eighty-six, leaving a good farm and what was then called a large estate.
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