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Joseph-Northrup Hawley

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Children with:
Katherine Birdsey

Captain John Hawley
Joseph-Northrup Hawley
  • Born: 1603, Parwich, Derbyshire, England
  • Married 1646, Wethersford, Hartford, CT, to Katherine Birdsey
  • Died: 20 May 1690, Stratford, Fairfield, CT


    "New England Families Genealogical and Memorial: Volume IV", pg. 1636:
    Joseph Hawley, one of the first settlers in the colony, and a very prominent man.

    "Hawley and Nason Ancestry". pg. 13-14:
    JOSEPH HAWLEY of Parwich, in Derbyshire, about nine miles northwest of Old Derby, and four miles from Ashbourne, came to America in 1629 or 1630. That he had a homestead in England is indicated by his will in which he says, "I give to my sonn Samuel Hawley all my lands and buildings in Parwidge in Darbyshere in Old England, to him, his heirs and assigns."

    Joseph Hawley was born in 1603, and died May 20, 1690. He was a "yoeman"; he was the first town recorder at Stratford, Connecticut, and wrote the earliest land records that are still in existence in Stratford; in the tax list of the town in 1671 his tax was next to the largest; he was Town Clerk or "Recorder" from 1650 to 1666; was Treasurer of Stratford; was chosen by the town several years to "keep an ordinary"; served on committees to survey lands and adjust boundaries; in 1687 was on a committee to draft a "Patent" for the town; was elected twenty-nine times a Deputy to the General Assembly of Connecticut(*) (election twice a year) serving from 1665 to 1687; was appointed "Commissioner" for Stratford; and held church offices.

    In 1646 he married Katharine Birdsey who died June 25, 1692. Births of all their children except Samuel are entered on Stratford records.

    NOTE:--A granite memorial to Joseph Hawley, pioneer ancestor, was erected in the Congregational cemetery at Stratford in 1924 by the Society of the Hawley Family.

    (*)During eighty consecutive years, four members of the Hawley family--Joseph, Sr., his sons Samuel and John, and his grandson Capt. Joseph--were elected seventy times to the Connecticut Legislature.

    "The Descendants of Captain Thomas Carter", pg. 112
    The Hawley family has been fully written up by Mr. Elias Hawley in a large tome, "The Hawley Record." The English ancestry of this family is expounded back to 1006 A. D., with illustrations and coats-of-arms. The first to come to America was Mr. Joseph Hawley, who resided at Stratford, Connecticut, as early as 1629. He was the first town recorder of that place as well as magistrate. He owned several thousand acres of land in and around Stratford, and was returned to the General Assembly as a Deputy twenty-nine times between the years 1658-1687. His wife was Katharine Birdseye. Their cldest son, Samuel Hawley, was also a large land owner and farmer, and succeeded his father as a member of the General Assembly, being returned twenty-three times. He was a first settler of the town of Derby. He was twice married, his first wife, Mary, being a granddaughter of Governor Welles; and the second wife, Patience (widow of Lieut. John Hubbell), was a daughter of Isaac Nicholls, and granddaughter of Sergeant Francis Nicholls, through whom this family claims descent from King Robert Bruce. (See "Sergeant Francis Nicholls," by Walter Nicholls).

    "Hughes and Allied Families", pg. 191-192:
    Joseph, who was born in the Parish of Derbyshire, England, and died at Stratford, Connecticut, in 1690. According to some accounts Joseph Hawley came to this country in 1629, and according to others in 1640. The family settled in this country at Scituate, Massachusetts, and afterwards moved to Stratford, Connecticut.

    "Records of the Guthrie Family", pg. 5:
    Mary Hawley Coe, died Sept, 9, 1731. She was the daughter of Joseph and Catherine (Birdseye) Hawley. Joseph Hawley, grand-father of Abigail (Coe) Guthrie, on her maternal side was Deputy to the General Assembly of Connecticut for Stratford, from 1665 to 1689. Was Town Clerk and Recorder sixteen years, and Treasurer of the town. He was Deacon of the First Congregational church. Joseph Hawley was born in Derbyshire in 1603, and died in Stratford, Conn., in 1690.

    "Reverend John Beach and John Sanford and Their Descendants", pg. 168:
    Dea. John Birdsey came from Reading, Berkshire, England, to America in 1636, and to Wethersfield, Conn., where he married Phillipa, daughter of the Rev. Henry Smith and sister to Dorothy Smith, who married John Blakeman of Stratford, son of the Rev. Adam Blakeman. Tradition says Joseph Hawley, the first at Stratford, married a Birdsey at Wethersfield, Conn., and if so it was most probably a sister of this John Birdsey.

    "Reverend John Beach and John Sanford and Their Descendants", pg. 169:
    Richard Booth, the progenitor of the Booth family of Fairfield County, Conn.... married Elizabeth, sister of Captain Joseph Hawley, who was the first town clerk of Stratford, and settled in Stratford in 1640.

    "Reverend John Beach and John Sanford and Their Descendants", pg. 188-189:
    The Hawleys, according to their own account of themselves, came from Parvidge, Derbyshire, in Old England, now called Parwich ("Parritch"), about nine miles from Derby and four from Ashbourne, the market town. Mr. Joseph Hawley came to America about 1629-30, but just where he located previous to our meeting him in Stratford in 1650 has not been revealed. His brother Thomas was in Roxbury, Mass., as early as 1639. Joseph purchased land in Stratford in 1650, was already married and had a son Daniel, born in 1647-8. Seven sons and three daughters are entered in the Stratford records [leaving out Samuel]. He was also one of the original proprietors of Newtown. Samuel Hawley Junr, in whom we are more interested, married Bethia Boothe, daughter of Ephraim; he and his wife were second cousins, which anyone can discover by a sufficiently elaborate study of the "Hawley Record." This was the Saml Hawley who was one of the three purchasers of Newtown. The story of their first coming is traditional only, and not recorded. It is said they rode to the top of a high hill, at sunset, and seeing an impossible dip before them, stopped there and made their first settlement, calling it "Land's end." Hawley, Junos, and Bush were the historic three who made that wonderful bargain of coats, etc., with the Indians.

    "Newtown's History and Historian, Ezra Levan Johnson", pg. 369:
    Joseph Hawley b. 1603, at Derbyshire, England, came to America, 1629, later came to Stratford, d. 1690.

    "Powers-Banks Ancestry", pg. 209:
    The first of the name in this country were two brothers, Thomas and Joseph, from Parwich, Derby. Joseph was born about 1603, died 20 May, 1690. He came to America about 1629 or 1630, but first appears on the Stratford records in 1650. He was a deputy in 1665 and often down to 1687. In 1675 he was a quartermaster to collect wheat for the army against the Indians. He married his second wife, Katherine Birdseye, in 1646. His will, dated 1689, mentions children: Samuel, born 1647; Joseph, Elizabeth, Ebenezer, Hannah, Ephraim, John, Mary.

    "Powers-Banks Ancestry", pg. 210:
    Deacon Joseph Birdseye, in Wethersfield as early as 1636, came from Reading, Berks, England. Tradition says that Katherine, the wife of Joseph Hawley, was daughter to Edward, the brother of Joseph Birdseye, who resided in New Haven and Wethersfield.

    "Abridged Compendium", pg. 3489
    HAWLEY, Joseph (1603-90), from Eng., 1639 was at Stratford, Conn.; dep Gen. Ct., 1665-87.

    "Lineage of Albert L Johnson", pg. 9:
    feb. 29: 1671 Mr. joseph hawley hath his fourth Division on Sentanal Hill Nere Jerymiah johnsons field.
    Burial: Unknown, Congregational Cemetary, Stratford, CT

    HAWLEY, Capt. Joseph, Founder of Stratford CT, Immigrant b: 1602-1603
    -Parwich, DBY, ENG d: 20 May 1690 #: HAWL1
    + +BIRDSEY, Katherine d: 25 Jun 1692 #: BIRD112 m: 1646
    -Father: BIRDSEYE, Edward
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