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Children with:
Samuel Daniels

George Washington Daniels
Elizabeth Daniels
David Daniels
Mary Daniels
Elisha Daniels
Hannah Daniels
Edmund Daniels
Elizabeth Wiswell
  • Born: 29 Nov 1732, Dorchester,Suffolk,Massachusetts
  • Married to Samuel Daniels
  • Died: 11 Dec 1818

    From: History of Addison County
    Edited by H. P. Smith
    D. Mason & Co., Publishers

    Biography of Miles Storey
    (page 763)
    ... To all appearance, at least, Miles Storey is likely to prove no exception to the rule which has held in this respect in the family. Mr. Storey is a member of the Salisbury Congregational Church, and has been a member of its choir for many years. In politics he is a Republican, but he has never been a seeker for office. He was married on January 13, 1842, to Elizabeth, daughter of Dan and Silence (Pettingale) Daniels. Mrs. Storey was born in Salisbury, Vt., on December 25, 1817, Her grandfather, Samuel Daniels, moved in 1774 from Upton, Mass., and settled in Leicester. Vt., where he took up four hundred acres of land, a portion of which is now owned and occupied by Mr. Storey. He was born in 1730 and was killed in the battle of Shelburne, Vt., on March 12, 1778. His religious sentiments were Presbyterian. His wife was Elizabeth Wiswell, who was born on November 29, 1732, and lived to the age of seventy years. Her religious sentiments were Baptist. After the death of her husband she was compelled, by threats made by the Indians, to leave Vermont, and with her family of nine children and with the aid of one horse, and accompanied by two or three neighbors, made her way by marked trees over the Green Mountains to Boston, where during the remaining years of the Revolution she kept a boarding-house for the soldiers. After peace was declared she returned to Vermont. Dan Daniels, father of Mrs. Storey, was born in Upton, Worcester county, Mass., in 1773, and married Silence Pettingale in April, 1799. He was a relative of Dr. Franklin. Mrs. Daniels was born in Worthington, Mass., in 1779. She died on November 5, 1864. He died on August 29, 1861.
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