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Children with:
Olive Wheeler

Achsah Hawley
James Hawley
Salmon Hawley
  • Born: 11 Apr 1755, Stratford or Winchester, CT
  • Married 8 Sep 1799, Newton, CT, to Olive Wheeler
  • Died: 18 Dec 1842, Bingham Twp., Potter Co., PA

    Moved: 1827, Settled - Bingham Twp., Potter Co. , PA
    From: http://www.rootsweb.com/~ctgcnc/newtown_marriages.htm
    Genealogy Club of Newtown, Connecticut
    Newtown, CT Marriages, 1794-1810...A Recent Discovery

    Records of thirty six Newtown marriages performed between 1794 and 1810 by Justice of the Peace David Baldwin were recently discovered in the Julia H. Brush Genealogical Collection of the Cyrenius H. Booth Library in Newtown. Previously unpublished, they do not appear in town or church records. The certificates on small slips of paper, sometimes written on both sides, had long ago been pasted into a scrapbook. Careful removal from the scrapbook pages by Gary Wait of the Connecticut Historical Society has enabled us to read them all.

    Though he did not affix his signature, David Baldwin wrote several of the records on the reverse of his accounts for judicial services. The significance of his varied phrasing is not known: “Administered the Marriage Covenant,” “Solemnized a consummation of the Marriage Covenant,” “Joined together in Marriage,” “Administered in ratifying a Covenant of Matrimony,” and, in one case, “Solemnly authenticated the Marriage Covenant.” Notations in addition to names and dates are listed here as “other.”

    For additions and corrections to some 250 death records for Newtown see “Newtown, CT, Bills of Mortality, 1797-1821: a Supplement to the Barbour Index” in The Connecticut Nutmegger, 29(1996):395-407, by this transcriber.

    Notes from the marriage record: "Revd. Wheler being present & ingaging to indemnify me against all harm &c. Asa Chapman & Benjm Curtis &c being present as Witnesses"

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