William Henry Weese

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Henry Weese
William Henry Weese
  • Born: Abt 1735, South Bank Potomac, VA

    Exerpt from:
    The Chisnell and Rhind Families
    Updated September 10, 2000
    by Julia Rhind Chisnell
    722 Palmer St
    Wooster, Ohio A-United States

    [HEWeese] "The name Weese had its origin in Germany. There were a good many spellings from which the one finally adopted by our ancestors, as we have traced them, may have come. Weise (meaning white), Weisse, Weiss or Weis, Wies, Wiess, Weisz, Wees, Wease, Weese, Wyss et al, appear in early American records. Apparently there was plenty of opportunity for taking a choice and, no doubt, a good many ancestors did just that. There is good reason to believe that "Wease" preceded Weese in our family. In use of the name this writer finds that his grandfather, Peter Weese, in an early document wrote his name "Wease" in his own handwriting. This indicates some uncertainty at least. The writer's son, Ben, recently in Germany for two years, was mentioned with other boys in a local paper there in a news item. This prompted a letter from a lady named Weese there to learn if there was any relationship. She related that there were many other spellings in Germany, but hers was the only known one using "Weese". That spelling is not common in America ...
    The ancestors of Peter Weese b 1817, originated in Germany near the French border. Like many early emigrants they settled on the South Potomac Bank. Later they migrated westward into Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, then eventually to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois ..."
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