Gervais dit Baron du Tremblay

Gervais du Tremblay

Jacques dit Baron du Tremblay

f a m i l y
Gallien Baron Tremblay
Jacques dit Baron du Tremblay
  • Born: Abt 1478, France
  • Died: Abt 1554, Toulouvre, Perche, France

    Granted the Barony of Courturbis by the Trappists in 1554.
    From 1525, Jacques du Tremblay signs from the Cisterciens [Trappist monks] a lease of periodical payment (rent), by virtue of which the baron and noble land of Conturbie is yielded to him. From this date, this branch of the family will be designated thus in the region: Tremblay dits Barons [Tremblay, known as the Barons].

    According to all likelihood, the Barony of Conturbie has not been definitively granted to Tremblay as a complete property, but only as tenure for one century. This land, situated on the course of the river Avre, in close vicinity to the forge of Gaillon, comprised a modest borough, as well as a parish.

    The Tremblay family will hold this Barony nearly a century, the lease of canon periodical payment (rent) usually covering maximum period of 99 years. However, the area will pass from one branch of the Tremblay family to another.

    The death of Jacques, in 1544, begins a difficult period for the Tremblay family. His heirs are obliged to give up a part of their land. Nevertheless in 1565 one finds the trace of parcels of land being brought together as undertaken by Gallien Tremblay, son of Jacques.

    Then we have the intervention of Thomas Tremblay, one of the son of Gallien, in 1565.

    He is asked here sell two parcels of land to Thomas Freschot, residing in the parish of Conturbie: first, a half a parcel of land situated to the Hermitage and part of the fief of the Abbey of La Trappe, then a separate land arpent from the first located by the path that goes from Conturbie to Chennebrun. The first parcel is enclosed in the earlier described Barony of Conturbis, Tremblay land. Does the salesman, Thomas Tremblay, presume to hold this land by inheritance of title as a descendant of the said Tremblay « Barons »? Other evidence shows, that this land was already claimed by Michel Tremblay. As for the second parcel, the long of which passes equally the road of Conturbie to Chennebrun, it touches by an extremity to the river Avre and spreads between land belonging, on one side, to Jean Tremblay, master of forge, and the other, to Mathry Tremblay.

    Years that follow show, little by little, the disappearance of their inheritence. In 1577, the Trappist monks institute an inquiry about the Barony once held by Jacques Tremblay. Effectively Cisterciens [Trappist monks during this period] that have been lords of this area for centuries, put the land to auctions. 13 December 1577, Dame Marguerite Auvé, widow of Claude Gruel of the Frette, high and powerful lord of The Ventrouze, carry to Evreux an offer to be included in these auctions for Conturbis. But when all is said and done, it is again to Tremblay that the Barony is awarded. The area passes fome one branch of the Tremblay family to the other. Descendants of Jacques Tremblay are thus parted of the area. As much cause of the prosperity of forge masters us are known, as much those of the misfortune of « Barons » escape us.

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