Etienne Johiel (Joyelle, Joyal)Suzanne Marsan (Massau)

Jacques Joyelle (Bergeron dit Joyelle)

f a m i l y
Children with:
Gertrude Moral (Maural) dit St. Cantin

Antoine Joyal
Gertrude Joyelle
Jacques Joyelle (Bergeron dit Joyelle)
  • Born: 1640 1642, Bergerac, Ev. Pergueux, Perigord, France
  • Married 10 Nov 1676, Trois Rivieres, Maskinonge, Quebec, to Gertrude Moral (Maural) dit St. Cantin
  • Died: 26 Mar 1716, St. Francoise de la Riviere du Sud, Quebec

    Married under the dame of Bergeron-Johel, say Bergerac. Arrived into 1656, was an interpreter and traded in furs. (Raynald Drouin,
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