Jacob H. Borst

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Children with:
Maria Barbara Bellinger

Johan Martin Borst
Maria Borst
John Balthasar Borst
Jacob Borst
Michael Borst
Joost Borst
Johannes Borst
Jacob H. Borst
  • Born: 1687, Schoharie, Schoharie Co., NY
  • Married 9 Jun 1712, Schoharie, NY??, to Maria Barbara Bellinger
  • Died: 1 Jan 1757, Schoharie, Schohaire Co., NY

    THE LINE OF JACOB H. BORST. Jacob H, the first known Borst immigrant, was a 1710 Palatine immigration to NY. He settled in Schoharie County c1713. He had 7 sons and 2 daughters. 1 son died young, but the other 6 married and had families. There were 20 married sons in the third generation. Known and probable descendents in the male lines accounted for about 65% of the Borst families in the U.S. in the 1920 census. The early church records in Schoharie county are quite complete and parents of all but one member of the third generation can be identified. However, after about 1790, some of the families seem to have left the Lutheran and Reformed churches and joined churches for which no baptismal records have been preserved. As a result there are some members of the fourth and fifth generations for whom the children tabulated in census entries from 1800 to 1840 cannot be identified. However, since no other Borst families are known to have been in NY prior to 1838, the Borsts in other states in later censuses who show a birth year in NY prior to 1838 are almost certainly members of this line.

    There were members of the line of Jacob H in IL, MI and MO by 1840 and in IN, OH and WI by 1850.

    From Borst Family Association:

    The original Borst immigrant A1001 Jacob H Borst was probably born between 1680 and 1685. Original sources give his wife's name as Maria and none contain her maiden name, but oral family history cited by Cady and Lyle Frederick Bellinger state her name was Maria Barbara Bellinger.

    The latter in a book published by the Montgomery County Historical Society names her father, but Henry Z Jones who has published a two volume work on the 1710 Palatine immigration can find no written records which confirm the ooral history.

    The first record of the family is the birth of a son Jacob 25 Mar 1711 in West Camp NY published in McWethy's "Book of Names" which contains source material about the Palatines. This son apparently died as another son was named Jacob in 1724. A son Martinus was born 29 May 1714 and his baptism is recorded in the records of the Loonenberg Lutheran Church in Athens NY. The baptism may actually have occurred in Schoharie by a visiting minister of that church. Cady's records (on the Schoharie County USGENWEB page) state that Jacob H was a resident of Middleburgh in 1713. There was a 1716-1717 census of the Palatine immigrants taken by Simmendinger and published in Germany (text in the "Book of Names". It shows Jacob H in Neu Cassel (Gerlach's Dorf) with wife and 3 children. The third was a daughter Maria C born 6 Feb 1716 according to Cady's Notes. Other children were:

    Balthasar 4 Jun 1720 (Cady)

    Elisabeth c1720 (Cady) possibly a twin of Balthasar.

    Jacob Jr 28 Dec 1724 (Cady)

    Michael 14 Sep 1728 (Cady)

    Joost 14 Jan 1730 (Cady)

    Johannes 14 Sep 1735 (Cady)

    Elisabeth died 2 Dec 1746 (SLC). Maria C and the six sons married.

    The six sons are known to have had 51 children. 17 or possibly 18 of the

    sons married and had families.

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