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Pierre Miville (- Deschenes) dit LeSuisseCharlotte Maugis dit Mauger

Jacques Miville dit Deschesnes

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Children with:
Catherine DeBaillon

Suzanne Miville - Deschenes

Marie Claude Miville dit Deschesnes
Jacques Miville dit Deschesnes
  • Born: 2 May 1639, St Hilaire, d'hier, Brouage, Charente Maritim, France
  • Married 12 Nov 1669, Notre Dame de Quebec, to Catherine DeBaillon
  • Died: 27 Jan 1688, Rivière -Ouele, Kamouraska, Quebec

    From: Nelson - Parent & Related Families in Britain, Québec, Europe and USA (Godden, Edwin, Hedges, Lavoie, Miersch, Valyer, etc.) - Richard Alan Nelson ( (

    Finally the fourth Miville, Jacques, was baptized at St-Hilaire d’Hiers on May 2, 1639. He married Catherine DeBaillon on November 12, 1669, in Québec. Jacques Miville dit (known as) Deschênes and Catherine DeBaillon die the same day, January 27, 1688, victims of an epidemic that killed 1,400 people that year. The patronym Deschênes (des Chênes = The Oaks) in the beginning was a nickname adopted in 1669 by Jacques to impress his wife, who was of noble origin. Catherine was born about 1645, the daughter of Alphonse DeBaillon, écuyer et seigneur (rider and lord) of Valence and Mascotterie, and of damoiselle Louise de Marles, of Montfort-l'Amaury, Île de France, herself a daughter of the seigneur (lord) of Vaugien. Catherine Baillon came to Canada in 1669 as one of the “fille du roi” (daughters of the king) emigrants sponsored by King Louis XIV. Because she belonged to an influential and noble family, research has made it possible to go back 29 generations before Catherine to Bernard, king of Italy, who died into 815. Bernard was himself the son of Pépin Ier, also king of Italy (died 795), whose father was none other than Charles Ier, known as Charlemagne, king of the Francs from 768 to 814, and his wife queen Hildegarde. Charlemagne was crowned emperor in Rome by the pope Léon III on Christmas Day in the year 800. The singer Céline Dion, Jean Chrétien and Lucien Bouchard are three illustrious Québécois who directly trace their lines back to Charlemagne. However, our personal family record does not come through Jacques and Catherine, so we cannot claim such descent.
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