Ludolf (Liudof) Duke of Saxony

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Children with:
Oda Billung of THuringia Countess of Saxony

Otto "The Illustrious" Duke of Saxony
Ludolf (Liudof) Duke of Saxony
  • Married to Oda Billung of THuringia Countess of Saxony
  • Died: 12 Mar 864 or 866

    Liudolf (died 12 March 864 or 866) was a Saxon count; later authors called him duke of the Eastern Saxons. He was also named as count of Eastphalia. Liudolf had possessions in eastern Saxony, and was involved in wars against Normans and Slavs. The Liudolfing House, also known as the Ottonian House, is named after him; he is its oldest known member.
    Liudolf married Oda, daughter of a Frankish prince named Billung and his wife Aeda. Oda died on 17 May 913, supposedly at the age of 107. By marrying a Frankish nobleman's daughter, Liudolf followed suggestions set forth by Charlemagne about ensuring the integrity of the Frankish Kingdom through marriage.

    In 845/846, Liudolf and his wife traveled to Rome in order to ask Pope Sergius II for support for the founding of a nunnery. The nunnery was founded in Brunshausen around 852, and it was moved to nearby Gandersheim in 881. Liudolf's daughter Hathumod became its first abbess. Liudolf is buried in Brunshausen; his sons Brun and Otto apparently inherited his property.

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