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John Hill

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Children with:
Hannah Johnson

Deacon Samuel Hill
John Hill
  • Born: Abt 1630, Chard, Somerset, England
  • Married to Hannah Johnson
  • Died: 23 Jan 1717 or 18, Sherborn, Middlesex, MA


    John resided in Dorchester until about the time of his marriage. In 1657, he was one of a group of men who purchased 3,000 acres from the Nipmuck Indians on the frontier which later became the town of Sherborn. John's share was 250 acres. The total purchase price was about 32 pounds. About that same time he settled on the land near Bogistow Pond on the west bank of the Charles River. In 1662, John was among 14 settlers who petitioned the General Court to establish a separate town and church for their settlement. It was denied at this time, but finally granted in 1674. During King Phillip's War the settlers of Sherborn remained with their settlement despite its being on the frontier. Only one house was burned and five or six people killed, although the town was under constant threat. He served as constable and selectman in Sherborn during his life.
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